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cunderwo 11-14-2012 10:39 AM

water intrusion
I broke my driver rear tail light cover July 20. Light still worked fine so didn't rush to replace it. In late Oct was driving car in town and everything started shutting down. Called BMW dealer and spoke to service rep and he said to stop car and have it towed. Got home and waited until next AM to see about towning the !!0 miles to dealership and no battery at all. Couldn't even unlock doors. Looked in opening over driver rear wheel well and it is filled with water. Dealer tells me it's my fault everything died because lens cover let water in. All electronics and battery are fried! Talked to BMW North America and they said they rely on dealer diagnosis and will do nothing! This is very costly and it seems totally unreasonable that the entire would die because of a broken tail light cover. The dealership and I are at a statemate. They say I have to pay. Any ideas? I have previous experience with this same problem but with a different car. The source of the leak was never found and the same problem reoccurred 4 times and the car was eventually replaced. I think the broken tail light is a convenient excuse not to do anything. I have read of this same issue in other forums. What eventually happened to those cars? Did the owners have to pay? I have one year left on my warranty but will be overseas for 5 months during this upcoming year. Each time it happened with the other car it took several months to happen. Any advice is appreciated. I am at my wits end. Oh, this is a 535i Wagon 2010.

02x745Li 11-14-2012 10:55 AM

You expect someone else to pay for your negligence?

cunderwo 11-14-2012 11:31 AM

I should have clarified: The other car had no cracked tail light and no source of water into the wheel well box was ever found. They sprayed water over the entire car for extended periods of time and could never figure out where or when the water came in. At any rate, would you expect a cracked tail light to shut down the entire car? Don't you think it is strange that it didn't have anything happen for 3 months after it was broken? I can guarantee you there would be a lot of cars on the side of the road if a cracked tail light would shut them down!

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