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raaizin 11-15-2012 04:11 PM

tire pressure front/rear question
As someone who had to replace the tranfer case on wifes 2008 X3 at about 43k miles, I have a question. I have seen it said that the front and rears must have the same diameter. My question is the front tire recommended pressure is 32 lbs and the rears are 35 lbs.
Wouldn't that mean the front tire would have a smaller rolling circumference since it has less pressure. Wouldnt this put additional strain on the transfer case. Would having the same pressure front to rear put less strain on the transfer case?? Are most following the recommended tire pressures or using same tire pressure front and rears?

Wongway 11-15-2012 06:04 PM

I've been going 32(33)front to 38(39)rear

No issues, and I do believe that the weight of the vehicle fore and aft as well as the transfer of weight when accelerating and decelerating would also change the diameter of the wheel/tire if you want to get that far into minutiae but not so much they would cause an issue with the transfer case.

If you never noticed, at certain angles, you'll also find that the rear wheels also have a negative camber which would effect the contact patch on the road too...

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