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steffer23 11-16-2012 08:35 PM

Pricing help on an '09 335i MT sedan
So my mom just informed me that my mechanic told her that he thinks my C4 Corvette isn't gonna make it. I think my engine got damaged due to a coolant system issue. So here I am being the responsible daughter and putting together a worst-case-scenario plan all the while praying to God that he spare my no-payment-required all-American death trap that's the envy of quite a few guys.

That, however, is neither here nor there so let me get back to what I really logged on for. The price estimator on is also busted and saying that I can't get an estimate because my state isn't listed or some load of bull along that line and I'm feeling impatient right now. Can't give any specs because it's not coming up when I search for the car on the dealership's website, but here's the link where I'm seeing the car from:

Dealership: South Bay BMW
Price $33,995
Exterior: Mans Blue Metallic
Interior: Beige
Transmission: GENUINE Manual (not that sissy prissy semi-auto **** that's been forced into play)
Fuel Type: Gas
Mileage: 25k

IF I LEASE, the terms will look like so:
- 1000k down
- 36 months
- 10k miles

I'm not a lease type of gal because I believe in putting my money into something that is truly mine, but right now if I by myself have to pay for a car that's all I will be able to afford. I know I can get lower monthly payments with another car but dammit I want a BMW and I really don't want to settle for less (less being a Volkswagen, Honda, or Toyota).

Any thoughts from you veteran car buyers would be greatly appreciated! I've got an animal physiology paper to write up so I'll check back in a bit. Thank you guys in advance!

Leekay07 11-16-2012 09:00 PM

:) You know what is funny. Was brought up a stick person having learned and gown up in the UK. But what I have come to notice is that these days sticks are way out dated. Auto's are so much faster and can be a lot more fun to drive. Wasn't the case till a few years ago. Even the ZF 6speed is pretty right when it comes to always on the throttle and quick shifts. Not a spec on the Evo 6 speed auto tranny but good enough. Look at the new 8 speed Auto in the new models can you even imagine how bad it would be to clutch and shift every 6-8mph. I would be so sick of it. I leased the X1 because I am not sure its big enough. I am not sure if we downsized too much. But its worth the effort to find out.

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