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528i 0WN3R 11-17-2012 12:49 PM

Broken torx bolt, need a replacement help!
Does anyone know the part number for the SINGLE vanos torx screw? Looks like this:

I have to get my car running by monday or I'm screwed, please hlep!!!

drivinfaster 11-17-2012 12:57 PM

well, if you can match the threads and shoulder, the type of design to fasten it will not matter much. fwiw, lowes and home depot both carry allen bolts as well. most local hardware stores will also (usually) carry metric fasteners as well.

was it broken off in the head??


dc_wright 11-17-2012 01:08 PM

RealOEM and both seem to only show the double vanos bolt. If you've got to have it today you need to be either heading to the stealership or to a salvage yard like pronto!

On the double vanos it's a reverse thread bolt. Don't know if the single vanos is the same but if it is and you didn't know that it explains why you have a broken bolt........

hornhospital 11-17-2012 03:38 PM

The bolt in his picture is a left-hand tread. May be a problem unless he's in a large metro area with plenty of options for fastener suppliers.

528i 0WN3R 11-17-2012 03:40 PM

I went to the dealer and they only sell the entire unit, not just the bolt. I also tried lowes and they don't have any reverse threaded bolts of any kind... I'm really hoping someone around here has an old vanos laying around that they can pick the bolt from, that's my last option at this point.

hornhospital 11-17-2012 03:55 PM

Dang, I just looked and McMaster-Carr doesn't have left-hand metric screws of any type! That's the first fastener type I've looked for from them in 30 years that they did NOT have.

drivinfaster 11-17-2012 04:55 PM

wow...did not know that it was left hand threads!!!!:yikes:

in that case, yeah, your options are pretty would also explain why/how the bolt broke.


drivinfaster 11-17-2012 05:51 PM this for a dual vanos e39?:dunno: if so, it's a different part than what is on our chassis. perhaps someone in the e39 forum may be better able to help.


BMRfanatic 11-17-2012 06:07 PM

yeah if its a 99 its most likely a TU engine

528i 0WN3R 11-17-2012 06:36 PM

No its not the car and in my sig, sold that car about a year ago and just haven't updated it. It's from a 96 328is with single vanos. I wish the double vanos screws were interchangeable!

dc_wright 11-17-2012 06:51 PM

Both RealOEM and BMWfans only show the vanos assy for the single vanos engine so it looks like they never intended to spare just the bolt. Looks like salvage yard is going to be your only source.

drivinfaster 11-17-2012 08:01 PM

xi may have one. i have a head in the basement. it may still have the vanos unit on it....

i'll ost a pic of it to make sure it is the same thing you will need.


528i 0WN3R 11-17-2012 08:30 PM

I really hope you do! Thank you so much for looking, I can't tell you what a lifesaver that would be... I'm really starting to get worried about this, I can't find a replacement anywhere and I can't afford a new vanos at $800!

drivinfaster 11-18-2012 07:22 AM

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i dug as far as this...don't see any torx, but maybe it's underneath the center bolt?? if so, then pm me your address and i'll send it out. details in pm...


528i 0WN3R 11-18-2012 07:55 AM

Yes it's under the center cover, thank you so much for looking, I'll pm you!

hornhospital 11-18-2012 08:46 AM

OP, you never did say if you broke the bolt or rounded the head or just why you needed a replacement. Curious minds (nosy people) want to know.

DF to the rescue again! :thumbup:

528i 0WN3R 11-18-2012 09:22 AM

Oh yea sorry, the bolt sheared just above the threads, I'll post a pic later if you want

tchavera 11-18-2012 09:25 AM

dj to the rescue

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