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patjeh 11-18-2012 11:42 AM

Radio sound stops working

I have a problem with my BMW (330 Coupé 2001).
The sound of my radio stops, this is for the radio it self (FM) but also for the CD player and navigation.
The monitor it self keeps working while only the sound stops working, navigation still points me to the right direction.
Sometimes i can solve this problem by switching for example from FM to CD and back to FM.
The car has been to a garage for 3 times now, problem is solved for about 3 weeks and slowly coming back after it.

Right now the following modules has been replaced:

Radio module,
Monitor (in front of the car)

After replacing is goes fine for about 4 days to 3 weeks.
Then it drops once, switch from FM to CD and back, problem solved, this works for a few times, after about 6-7 times it just stops the sound.

I called a dutch BMW dealer, they told me it has to be the amplifier (replaced after they gave me the advice to).
They where able to tell us that its a well known problem with the BMW 3-serie with full options.

When it works the Harman Kardon sound system works fine, great sound actually.. but when it works.
I hope someone of you can help me out with this problem, I have it now for almost 2 years and no one is able to tell me the (possible) solution.

thanks in advance.


04Cali330CiZHP 11-25-2012 12:39 AM

I don't usually post if I have nothing to offer, however I also have a similar radio issue. I have an 04 ZHP that has occasional dead radio syndrome. Without warning the radio simply won't turn on. It also seems to kill my battery now and then. One time it stuck in the ON mode and the volume was stuck at one level. I have yet to duplicate that anomaly. It gives odd readings when the tech's computer is diagnosing. So far the nav, radio module and some relay are in question.

I have it in the hands of a good BMW guy who is checking it out. I will post any favorable news.

patjeh 11-25-2012 10:17 AM

Hi 04Cali330CiZHP, as far as i can see your problem seems to be something else, at my car the sound stops not the radio it self.

An update for my issue.
I went to a store yesterday that is specialized in BMW parts.
I've called him and explained my problem, immediately he told me the problem has to be the radio module.
My radio module has been replaced, but replaced from an other BMW, not refurbished or even checked.

So far i am driving 1,5 day with the new refurbished radio module, sound works perfect and haven't got the problem.. so far.

04Cali330CiZHP 11-25-2012 12:31 PM

Glad to hear you have good news on your dilemma.

I hope for the same. So far it has been quite elusive.

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