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Boom335 11-19-2012 12:01 PM

BMW Full Check-up
I had an accident last week & my car is in the body shop. It's getting repaired right now - the front grill, head lamps etc. are getting replaced. However, my biggest concern is about all the other things which might have gone wrong and not identified now & hence not fixed.

I wouldn't have worried about it much if not for my warranty expiring next month. Wondering if there is any full check-up kinda thing where I can get my car inspected and checked completely..

I called the dealer up here in NJ & he says "there is no full check-up sort of thing. The car runs its self diagnostic and if anything is wrong it should come up.".. I understand what he is saying, but i'm not very confident that the self diagnostic tool would identify any potential problems which can be identified by a good tech./service engineer. :(

Any suggestions on what can be done?

I also asked for the cost for extending my warranty, the dealer quoted me $4000+ for warranty and $2000+ for maintenance package. I don't have the budget to spend 4K on warranty but i'm also afraid something might come up later which might cost me a lot more.. :-(

09 335i XDrive Sedan
39K miles.

Cartier 11-19-2012 04:26 PM

There are other 3rd party maint. Programs cheaper than BMW, look them up for sure ...and to agree with you just today had car in for something and maint. guy came up and said "we can't upsell warranty work, but you need to tell me A/C isn't working", the inspection didn't show it but the tech knew and told me. so in short most guys would have left it ... So things are overlooked, or just not reported.

CALLAWAY845 11-19-2012 04:58 PM

Hello Boom32...If you want a thorough, unbiased inspection, I would advise you to find a solid indy shop. They will not have their own agenda, and do not have to appease BMW in any way (see Cartier's AC issue). Good Luck

Boom335 11-20-2012 08:57 AM

Thank you Callaway845 & Cartier. I think I'll go with an independent repair shop to get a complete unbiased inspection.

I'm searching for 3rd party maintenance programs now. Looking back into the maintenance done on the car, I definitely don't think the $2000 price for another 2 yrs is worth it..

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