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Danny Wolfe 11-19-2012 01:56 PM

:cry:Please help with advice: I do not know if this is drive line or engine related....
What are the symptoms of a worn Center support bearing/housing on my 2001 740i. I have a vibration at around 2500 when accererating. I have just replaced the tranny mounts and engine mounts...vibration is better which was more pronounced at 1300-1500. This new vibration is a different one since replacing the motor mounts and tranny mounts. If i need a new drive shaft, is an aftermarket one acceptable with no vibrations? If so, where should i get one. I see them for around 400.00 but i have been told by the dealer tech that they will not balance correctly.
Also: When i jacked the engine up for replacing the engine mounts on the right side, i broke the hose from the secondary air pump. I taped it back together and was wondering if that would cause a rough idle after warm up? I get an occasional rough idle as well.


joyism5 11-19-2012 09:17 PM

Is the vibration coming when the car is in P too? You are stating that it comes at certain RPMs. What about speed? Did you notice the vibration coming at regular speeds? Like, every time when you reach 50 mph. There are other things to check before the driveshaft. If the vibration comes every time when you reach same speed (not rpm) guibo should be checked, rims for oval bending, tires for deformations, front control arms bushings. Rarely the driveshaft is the culprit. You might be one of them, I don't know, but make sure before you spend the money.
The air hose for the air pump could throw a code but not a rough idle. Air is going through this hose only at cold start ups.

Danny Wolfe 11-19-2012 10:40 PM

it occurs when i am going about 30-40 mph. and when the car is shifting into third or fourth gear. I feel it in the seat or midway towards the back of the car. The Flex disc looks ok but cannot see the center shaft bearing because its covered with the heat shield. the torque arms trans mounts and engine mounts have all been replaced last week. I didn't feel this vibration before changing the mounts but i had to jack up engine to get them out and back in. Maybe mis aligned the shaft? I didn't take it loose at all, just jacked up the motor and tranny to replace mounts. I had a bit of a vibration before i changed the mounts but that is much better since replacing them. The vib NOW is when i am accelerating from a dead stop, and it seems to get less vib as i continue to accelerate. i do not feel it when in park....maybe JUST a VERY LITTLE but engine is not TOTALLY smooth at idle...sometimes it seems to get a little rough but sometimes its fine. I have NO SES light on. What about center carrier? what about rear axle? what are those symptoms? Or how to check them? Is it true that i have to cut the shaft in order to change the Center Carrier Bearing or can this be done without cutting the shaft? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!

Danny Wolfe 11-19-2012 10:47 PM

car has new michelins, and wheels are fine. This vibration is like a "shudder'. It also isn't as bad at times as other times....i defenitely feel it when i turn or sometimes straight and also when i am climbing a hill. Your thoughts?????

BMWFatherFigure 11-20-2012 12:51 AM

Center bearing. Seeing how it comes on at specific road speed or high torque situations.

joyism5 11-20-2012 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by BMWFatherFigure (Post 7204521)
Center bearing. Seeing how it comes on at specific road speed or high torque situations.

I have same thoughts.

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