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SeattleX1 11-19-2012 05:41 PM

24 Hour Compliance - X1 xDrive28i
Hi folks-

Well, I didn't post in advance, but I've certainly been a lurker and have benefited from everyone's advice - so I suppose I still am required to fulfill my 12 hour compliance obligations :)

A bit of background - I ordered an X1 xDrive28i to replace my Mini Cooper S, which I've sadly begun to outgrow through home ownership. (It's just not cutting it for Ikea trips and mulch hauling...) Unlike many of you, who are planning epic vacations, European Delivery for me was entirely about the cost savings; I travel extremely frequently and am sitting on a gold mine of frequent flier miles, so "you can save over $2000 on your car and simplify the buying process - and all you need to do is show up in Munich" sounded like a pretty good deal to me :)

I e-mailed a bunch of Bimmerfest sponsors for European Delivery quotes - and while everyone was very helpful I actually ended up getting the best deal from my local dealer, BMW Seattle. I worked directly with Mark Harrington, on the suggestion of a few old threads, and I was not disappointed - he was extremely professional throughout the whole process. I was pleasantly surprised to find the best deal locally, and I'd recommend him without any reservation. He's a real class act.

I ordered in mid-October, so I only had to wait about 35 days between ordering and delivery here in Munich. I was really pleased they were able to work me in so quickly - waiting is the worst part of ED, and because I'm really just in it for the cost savings, I wanted to start the export process as quickly as possible. Unfortunately I will be turning the car in to LOGINOUT tomorrow - I'm only here in Munich for two days :(

I spent almost the entire day at the Welt today. I wish I could say it was a fantastic experience all around, but unfortunately it was decidedly mixed. On one hand, there were many positives: the premium lounge was nice (hooray for the most expensive beer and pretzel I've ever had), and I made some fantastic new friends with another couple who was getting their own X1 delivered at the same time as mine. (Our cars were even both black - twins! You can see them both in the picture below - mine's the xDrive in the back and theirs is the sDrive in the front. That's the difference between San Francisco and Seattle weather :))

I also liked the factory tour, which was informative and extensive. A bit of a bummer, we weren't able to see the assembly line due to construction - but they substituted a tour of the engine line instead, which was nearly as interesting. It was striking how dense and space-conscious the Munich factory was compared to the Spartanburg one - honestly, I'm surprised they continue to build vehicles here rather than relocating to somewhere with more available land.

Unfortunately, all the goodness was overshadowed by the delivery experience itself. I felt that my delivery advisor was, to put it bluntly, rude. In sharp contrast to all the other staff I encountered, he was pushy and I felt rushed the entire time - like I was stuck in some high pressure sales pitch. (He even made a big show of checking the time on his iPad throughout the experience.)

He was also dismissive of my questions about the vehicle, particularly those related to customizations. I had assumed that delivery at the BMW Welt would be the best opportunity to ask detailed questions about the car from experts and get my preferences stored in the vehicle; instead, I was brushed off, and I felt like I knew more about the car than he did even from my cursory research. For example, he claimed BMW Apps are currently compatible with Android, and he insisted there was no way to disable auto start/stop by default and add a digital speedometer readout, both things I know can be coded. Perhaps he meant that these things were not possible at the Welt but that in itself is disappointing - I thought I had heard that customization assistance was possible in Spartanburg at the performance center, so I expected the same at the Welt. He did suggest that I speak with my dealer when I returned home; he also promised to check with his supervisor on some of these issues, but didn't actually follow through.

But I wouldn't have likely mentioned those concerns had another incident not happened: the thing that stuck with me the most was an attempted joke he made during the pre-delivery vehicle briefing that I found very offensive. I won't repeat it here; I'm not sure why he thought it would be appropriate, but I ended up just standing there stunned not knowing how to react. :thumbdwn:

Anyway, enough dwelling on the negative - the car is great as long as I remember to push the ASS button every time I start it. Very cool to see the car delivered with one mile on the odometer... thankfully I thought to take a photo before pulling out of the showroom. :D It's a shame I won't do much with it in Germany except drive it to the airport and drop it off - I would have liked to get a real road trip in, but schedules didn't make that possible this time around. Maybe next time with an M3? :drive:

Oh and the obligatory pictures:

All in all I'd totally do it again. I might skip the optional briefing beforehand in the future - I didn't find it valuable at all in acquainting me with my car, it felt much more like a timeshare presentation about the BMW brand - and skip straight to the delivery. But all in all I really enjoyed the experience and am excited about my new ride!

and thanks again to the forum for all the advice!_a_

masti99 11-21-2012 08:41 AM


X1 11-21-2012 10:51 AM

Optional Briefing
Thanks for the report. Two questions. How long did the optional briefing take? Also, wouldn't your dealer hook up the ODBII cable free? Thanks!

zeezz 11-21-2012 11:44 AM

Congrats! That's sad to hear about your delivery specialist -- I believe that almost warrants a follow up with BMW ED department just to let them know. Definitely not to be expected. Glad to see that you took it in stride.

1STBimmer 11-21-2012 12:36 PM

Glad you had a good experience, too bad the delivery 'specialist' was up to the occasion... Now, personally 'German + Humor' is not something that I tend to use in the same sentece but being rude and rushing is not acceptable.

A couple of things, though...On the 'customizations' he might've been just giving you the company line or what he knew...for example, on coding... Coding is something that 'some of us crazies' do, kind of gray area ...not particularly endorsed by BMW so while the functionality exists to put the digital speedo readout on the instrument cluster, I wouldn't expect a BMW employee to tell me 'yeah you can do that with coding'. Btw they definitely can't do that at delivery.

MSA (ASS) has been used in Europe for a while now, where people is more 'open' to this kind of technology (wouldn't you if you paid $10 a gallon for gas?). Besides the TSB is most likely issued for US dealerships only. Once again, not somethign they can do at the Welt.

BTW... not many ppl know but * You can also disable MSA by moving the shift lever to 'sport/manual' position * instead of hitting MSA ON/OFF button...You can do that until the dealership can 'fix' it back in the states...

All they can do is set up your nav or hook up your iphone...things you can do via idrive. Btw, the same goes for the Performance Center....The only difference is that at PCD the 'expert' spends two hours going through every single button/option in the car as opposed to the 20/30 mins they take at the Welt where they have a tighter schedule. So it may not be *ALL* his fault (other than the bad joke).

I took the factory tour and didn't like it all that much...found it boring compared to Spartanburg where you get to walk next to the assembly line. I might've been interested in seeing the engine assembly line though...they build the RR and BMW V12's in Munich. It is impressive how they started building 'up' due to the lack of space!

Enjoy the new car!

640GC 11-21-2012 08:22 PM

Our delivery guy at the Welt was Guido and he was ok. A 6.75 on a 1 - 10 scale. Almost good, but just short of that. The experience didn't feel up to par with the staff on the concierge level of a grand hotel or First Class on an Oil Sheik airline or Asian carrier.

The Welt as a physical place was spectacular and impressive, the overall experience was very cool. I just expected more on the delivery portion, with a $100k car. They do move a lot of vehicles through the place though.

When we got home, our sales guy's Gary and Al ended up spending a bunch of time helping us load favorite tunes into the system, going over all of the electronics again, great bunch at Alderson. I think they spent like another hour and a half on re-delivery. We will do ED again!

Sorry to hear your delivery specialist was not up to snuff.

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