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xxthr4sh3rxx 11-19-2012 07:57 PM

E39 528i Possible Group buy @ EACeuroparts
EDIT** CAN A MOD PLEASE CHANGE THE TITLE OF THIS THREAD TO "E39 528i MAF Possible Group buy @ EACeuroparts" I forgot to include "MAF" in the title and I'm not sure if I'm able to delete my posts and didnt wanna flood the forums with a duplicate**

Hello everyone! I recently found out my MAF is bunk -_- and after many hours of price shopping and research and I have come up with two options.

1. Seeming how a Hyundai Sonata 2.5L V6 uses the EXACT same Siemens MAF, I could go to the Hyundai dealership in town and see if they'll sell it for less than $343 (what the stealer wanted with an OTC discount :mad:)

2. Potentially help out my fellow bimmerfest members and try and set up a group buy at EAC which could save us $$$ (sent them an email today, havent recieved a response yet)

***They will ship to CANADA!!!*** :D

Below are the details on the part;
Part# : 13 62 1 432 356
Air Mass Sensor

OEM $425.72 (List price)
In Stock $242.00 (EACeuroparts.COM)

Was hoping with a group buy we could get a quality part for a good I REFUSE to buy any made in china **** for my baby.

SO... Is there ANYONE with an E39 528i interested in a group buy at for the Siemens VDO MAF??? :thumbup:

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