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Bengal2 11-19-2012 07:17 PM

'07 X3 Ticking is back AGAIN!
I purchased my '07 X3 with 32,000 miles in 2/2010 it was a CPO but was still covered under the original warranty at the time of purchase.

On 11/18/2011 I took the X3 to the dealer complaining of the dreaded ticking noise. Twelve hydraulic valve pushrods (11-33-7-605-330) were replaced under warranty and the ticking went away for a while.

On 10/17/2012 I once again took the X3 to the dealer complaining of the same ticking noise. This time 12 Roller Drag Levers (11-33-7-631-589) were placed under the CPO warranty and I paid my $50 deductible. I was determined to get this issue resolved once and for all due to my CPO expiring on 11/21/2012.

Tonight, nearly 1 month since I got my "fixed" X3 back...the ticking noise reappeared. I immediately called the dealer since my CPO is going to expire in 2 days.

I posted this issue right before the last repair on 10/17/2012. A few people mentioned that this ticking sound did not go away once and for all until after the Cylinder Head was replaced. This replacement seemed to be the solution to this problem for a few.

I am beside myself that this ticking has reappeared and feel the pressure of this expiring CPO. Does anyone have any advice as to who I should chat with regarding a real fix? Should it be my SA, the service manager or who is the one that can help me here? I understand this isn't an engine/performance issue but it is rather irritating and quite embarrassing. This is my 1st BMW and although I love my SAV, I must say I am not impressed right now. I had old cars when I 1st started out that were pieces of junk...they didn't even make this ticking sound.

The part that makes me the most angry is BMW knows about this issue and has made changes since in producing their X3's as a result. My SA tries to make me feel as if I am the only one that has complained, even though I told him I have read the boards and know this is a real issue with a lot of people and that I know about all the TSB's. My SA also reassured me that the last "fix" would be the last fix.

What is my next step? Please help!

x3brian 11-19-2012 08:01 PM

My advice...push for the head to be replaced. You have dotted your i s and crossed your t's so this is the next logical step. I would also involve the service manager with the play that you already paid the deductible. The dealer has more latitude in the decision than they sometimes play out.

2 choices after that sell or keep.

If it was my car I would keep and would first change oil at 1,500 miles a la old school break in after head replacement and then every 5k to 7k there after (never to exceed 6 least at first). I would lean on the conservative milage end at first to make sure lifter noise doesn't come back. I would also send my oil into black stone for analysis.

spokelizard 11-20-2012 12:20 PM

I had my cylinder head replaced after the lifter replacement didn't work. Fortunately my dealer was very easy to work with.

My suggestion:

If your dealer is giving you a hard time, demand to talk to the general manager. Prepare a written narrative of the chronology of events and hand it to him. Also mail it to the dealership certified mail today (so it can be delivered by mail tomorrow, the last day of your CPO). Also copy BMW North America on the narrative.

All of that is to establish a paper trail showing you attempted to get what you were entitled to under your CPO warranty in case they won't cooperate with you.

Good luck!

Bengal2 11-20-2012 02:55 PM

Great idea spokelizard. I will get working on that right now-

Madtown 11-20-2012 03:53 PM

Like others have said it needs the cylinder head replaced. I honestly dont know why BMW bothers with the lifter/rocker fix as it does not seem to work.

Evlengr 11-20-2012 05:47 PM

Bad dealers always use the ploy that you are the one and only to complain.

Follow spoke lizard's recommendations and find another dealer. Case in point below:

I spent 5 months arguing with Passport BMW of MD over an issue that was cut and dry replacement of the brakes/discs.

Went to Russel BMW of MD and they resolved it in 5 hours.

Passport had LIED and claimed that they would have to pay for it out of pocket. Russel told me they called BMWNA and was immediately told to take care of it.

I had bought the car from Passport.

They also tried to scam me on the ticking lifter issue. I recorded a video with audio with a newspaper in background for date reference.

I am convinced that the service managers must have some financial incentive to deny claims on warranty or CPO as the only other reason is that he is just a butt head (other choice words not fit for print).

The key to happiness with BMW dealers and BMWNA is document document document.

German's love detail and it is the only real way to beat them at their own game. And since American or not BMW is a German based company. It usually works.

Bengal2 11-20-2012 07:19 PM

I am going to send a copy of a vehicle narrative to the general manager of my dealership and send one to BMWNA. When sending to BMWNA is there a specifc department or person I should send it to?

I hopefully will have a conversation with the general manager tomorrow when I drop the car off if he is in. I will try to contact hime via phone or email if he is not available when I am there.

Evlengr 11-20-2012 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by Bengal2 (Post 7206130)
I am going to send a copy of a vehicle narrative to the general manager of my dealership and send one to BMWNA. When sending to BMWNA is there a specifc department or person I should send it to?

I hopefully will have a conversation with the general manager tomorrow when I drop the car off if he is in. I will try to contact him via phone or email if he is not available when I am there.

Make sure to note that you called: what and when. I would send an e mail followed up by the comment you are going to call to make sure he communicates with you. Also, do a return receipt that it was delivered and read with your email. Every detail helps.

Bengal2 11-21-2012 10:39 AM

I Once again drove the X3 45 minutes to the dealer this morning and my SA was waiting for me with a women that appeared to be a BMW rep of some sort as she didn't seem like an employee of the dealership. My SA mentioned that he came in to work 30 minutes early so that he would be ready for my appt. The women and my SA were both overly attentive to me and were complimenting me on my shoes and jacket. Very strange I thought and I felt like they trying to be overly nice on purpose as it felt really fake and just strange. My SA also started talking to me about tire replacement, etc at this time. All was just too strange...just fix my ticking problem! I feel like they are looking for an issue or are going to make up one to get $$ out of me. Has anyone witnessed this strange behavior that I witnessed today?

SA said they would keep the car overnight and do a cold start when they returned from the holiday. The car doesn't always make the ticking noise after a cold start since the Lever replacement last month so I made the SA aware of that. I didn't ask who lady was when I was with my SA in his office but I am sort of angry that I didn't.

When I pulled my loaner out of the BMW service garage I noticed in my rear view mirror at least 4 people going to look at my X3 already.

I have written up a timeline of service on this issue and will continue to add to it. I will submit to the General Manager of my dealership and possibly BMW after this visit.

I hope all goes well this time and the issue is solved once and for all.

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