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Axuise 11-21-2012 10:44 AM

Spot or Expoy Weld Wiper Blade Arm?
sorry if this is a post that may have been done already but i just couldnt find any post with what im looking for. looked and searched the net trying to find an answer to my problem. so here is what is going on.. the motor crank arm that attaches to the linkage for the wiper arm. i attached a couple pics as to what it looks like just sitting in the hole of the crank arm and one where its detached. since there is alot of tension im not sure if theres any kind of epoxy weld that will hold the 2 pieces together when the motor cranks that arm to the linkage. sorry if i sound like an idiot but i cant figure out anything else besides spot welding as that will be the best option. still askin around for an arc welder or something lol. just for now i do want to drive and not be stuck every time it rains. here in California it rains ALOT.

any advice or tips is greatly appreciated :)

zohanisback 01-02-2013 01:57 AM

Too bad you aren't closer to San Bernardino, or I'd weld it up for free for a fellow Bimmer owner. :(

Axuise 01-02-2013 09:54 AM

i forgot to delete this profile lol. i am on another site. i was waiting some time before getting a response searching for answers till i got lucky at pick n pull from a junker of the same car yet automatic so i pulled out the whole wiper assembly and got working wipers. the other set i still have. i first took the linkage out and drilled a hole so i can fit a screw and a washer to it and worked for a little. didnt really trust it cause i didnt have any locktite to use for the threads so it stays for good. i have it in my trunk as a backup/spare now. you can find me on another bimmer forum. this one isnt very active at all. just the day before i made one post about another issue im having right now with getting the car running after changing the spark plugs. i now need to make the timing adjustment in the distributor in hopes i can get it running before my doc appointment coming up. i have been on and off due to an internal injury. so even tightening anything puts pressure and hurts me. i have to now try n learn to try and figure out whats meant by putting it in gear and rocking it back and forth to find the pin for the adjustment. if curious its bimmerforums and i use the same name as here. kind of ****ty that this is my only and first car ive had for a year now and keep having all these issues with no money to spare for it :/ now rocking the car? HA! ya id need help on that. with my injury i aint supposed to lift a damn thing. guess ill have to see how far i can get and what other trouble comes next. thnx for the reply still.

zohanisback 01-02-2013 10:35 AM

Yeah, that sucks man. Well glad you came to the "other" forum as well. :D We're happy to have ya.

Yeah the linkages can suck, but it's good you scored with pick n pull. If you find any other good parts of those E21s, you can sometimes sell them on these forums for a little extra dough. Front valences are worth bank if uncracked. So are uncracked dashes (non A/C). Yeah, that is used to get top dead center, but you can ALSO put a large socket on a socket wrench and turn the crank pulley nut, too. If you have a socket set, that is. Just make sure the car is in neutral with the E-brake on if you use that method. I included a picture below. These cars really are a blast, and if you stick with it, it will be worth it, I promise! They're some of the easiest cars to work on, but when you are under pressure and not feeling good, no car is fun to work on. :(

I do hope you get better soon!

Axuise 01-02-2013 12:18 PM

thanks man and this is a free account so it doesnt allow me to see pics n links etc.. says remote linking is forbidden please upgrade your account. ya i always have it parked as neutral with the handbrake. i have snagged like 5 relays though since they wanted 50 a piece. so i havnt replaced any relays yet. i will try that way u were talking about TDC. i have a socket set and still working up the tools for this car but im unsure how big it is till i take a gander at it to see if i have a big enough one. in american cars there a pain in the arse and need a huge socket for those, even to pull anything else out. this car though i was able to get the alternator in and out with no problems and the belt perfectly fit again. alternator was tested and passed all test from autozone. been goin there a bit for certain things as its close by and sometimes they give me a good deal. i only had so much on me and dude gave me a 5 off on it. and yes i have had much enjoyment on working with this car. i had at one time learning american engines from a friend at the time who would buy cars from auctions n fix them up n sell them. i had helped n learn to rebuild one and doing complete tear downs for scrapping the metal and anything else. he had me doing it all so i would learn n know. was easy for someone to be there instructing but as i said german compared to american is wayyy different. and i like the german motors better. easier to get to and work on. but its all a new ball game really on these and never had worked on manual transmission either.

Axuise 01-02-2013 12:21 PM

hahaha link shown up in email so was able to see the pic. awesome!! thanks. pics always seem to help to compare.

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