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SH1Series05 11-26-2012 04:00 AM

02 sensor bank 1 - p0133
Hi everybody, a newbie here having a nightmare all to often :cry:

My car was made in 2005, a dismal year as i now know. Currently the car will not start, I ran diagnostics and the only fault was - 02 sensor circuit Slow Response Bank 1 Sensor 1. From what I have read here and on other forums the problem may not be solved by simply changing the sensor.

My car was running pretty badly and shuddering at start off, I also didnt seem to be getting the speed I expected.

My main question is can the 02 sensor alone cause the car not to start?

Here is my freeze frame from my diagnostic check if anybody can see anything which may be strange please let me know as I dont understand any of it..

Fuel sys1 = CL
Fuel sys2 = N/A
Load PCT(%) = 18.8
ETC (oC) = 57
ShortFT1 = -5.5
LongFT1 = -0.8
RPM = 2960
VSS (km/h) = 76

My car had its timing chain replaced and a new chain guide fitted just 6 months ago FOC by BMW which was fortunate as it would have cost crazy money and the car was out of warranty. After that i thought my woes were over.

Sadly I was wrong..

Please, I'm getting desperate. Any information would be appreciated.


SH1Series05 11-26-2012 04:09 AM

I forgot to mention, my car has a 1.6i ES engine (Petrol)

JimD1 11-27-2012 01:30 PM

The online sources I looked at indicate the car should still run with this code. The mileage might not be the best and there could even be drivability issues but it should run. The code can be caused by an exhaust leak, a vacumn leak, a wiring issue, or the oxygen sensor. Of those, the issue that would seem like it could stop the car from running would be a wiring issue. Or it could be two separate issues. One causing the car not to run, another resulting in the code.

When a car doesn't run, the basics are to check to see that it has gas and spark. You can normally see if it has gas by taking the air cleaner off and checking for the distinctive odor of gasoline. To check spark, there are contact devices you can use on the spark plug but we always pulled a plug. I don't know if that's possible on yours or not.


kickinoutyo 11-27-2012 06:12 PM

This is crazy ,but I have the exact same problem! I had same code P0133 and ran the car with CEL for few days, car ran fine and put it away for few days. After long weekend, Started the car and it didn't run with all 8 cylinder. I came back next day and this time, car didn't start at all, just cranks.
I thought I had some other problem ,but ran into your post about your problem. I've already ordered pre- cat O2 sensors... let you know what happens this weekend.

SH1Series05 11-28-2012 12:51 PM

I've had it in a garage the past day and they have checked through most of the things which could be causing this. Unfortunately they have had no luck resolving the issue. I too ordered the 02 sensor hoping this would be the cause but the mechanics didn't even fit it they were that sure this wasn't the problem.

They seem to think its the timing chain again but that was only replaced by BMW in June (just 5 months ago).. I've decided to bite the bullet and get BMW involved again, its being dropped off there tomorrow so they can diagnose the problem. This other garage could just be saying its the chain because they know its been replaced. Although I'm kind of hoping it is the timing chain (which is a recall issue) and with any luck they will not charge me for the repair again.

A note to all of the early 1 series owners, if you haven't sent your car in to have the timing chain replaced and new guide fitted then do so. I dread to think how many people would have just gone to an independant garage and forked out for the repair.

Thanks for the replies people :thumbup: I will let you know what BMW say tomorrow.

And my milage is only 65000.

kickinoutyo 11-28-2012 03:43 PM

Cool. Good luck with the dealer tomorrow.
I figure O2 sensor can't be the cause of car not starting ,but it's just weird that we have same problems even though it's two different car.
Please let me know what happens. Thanks

MINI+BMWtek 11-28-2012 07:37 PM

Don't forget of contaminated petrol when diagnosing

SH1Series05 12-03-2012 01:14 AM

Turns out to be low compression cylinders 1 and 2. They have told me they want 850 to take of the cylinder heads, just to have a look and then tell me exactly why I have low compression, thus costing more money after that. So with the 150 diagnosis. It makes it 1000 down and then finding the problem and whatever that costs..

The dealership prices for repairs are ridiculous. I will be taking it elsewhere to be looked into further.

I had my oil changed and filter replaced the day before it went but the job went smoothly... This is gonna get expensive..

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