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rollinpiff 11-26-2012 05:50 AM

i hate vanos rattle!
i have a 2001 740il anthracite mettallic on black , comfort seating, cold weather and privacy, nav, and a nice set of 06' 650i staggered rolling stock.....ok now to the bad stuff, ive had her for a year i bought her with 86k on the clock, i am a student at u.t.i. norwood ma. campus so i know cars, and i know cars shouldnt be made this poorly but damn! since i bought it ive done two tie rods, upper radiator hose, two cam sensors, brand new big ass batterey, rebuilt the abs computer, jessh umm what else, the other day i had the nightmare of pulling the intake manifold to to all the new intake gaskets and do the pcv- osv valve, throttle body gaskets, all new bosch platinum4 plugs, my plug galleys were plugged up with oil due to timing cover gasket leaks! which is a couple grand to fix i have thew cold start vanos '' fluttering'' rattle then when its hot it just has the vanos ''knock'' or tap-tap-tap from the top end....this is my second my first was a 95' 740i and i love this new one but should i walk away now while there no engine light on and get rid of the damn thing or is this vanos crap and timing cover stuff gunna just kill me ,,,please help with good experianced answers...sorry for the novel...happy motoring!

Bigrobsbmw 11-27-2012 03:39 PM

vanos rattle
Have you already done the timing cover gaskets ? I hope not because you will need to do it again if you are going to do this job right. The chain rattle is usually the cam adjustment gears and you will need two at 500 each. While you are at it you might as well replace the chain and guides. If you do it yourself you can save up to 20 something hours of labor charges. I am doing mine as we speak. 2 grand in parts and counting so far. FUN

setconstr 11-27-2012 05:23 PM

It just depends on how much you like the car. I usually remind my friends that it was a 70 Grand car new so things are going to cost more to fix but I have undertaken many repairs myself and saved a ****load of money that way and purchasing parts from OEM Bimmer parts I have stayed with OEM parts at a resonable price although I have bought alot of tools to do the jobs it ain't Brain surgery like the Dealerships would have you think its kind of fun ....

deadprez 12-14-2012 07:18 AM

man, i thought i had issues with my bimmer and its strange how our situations are so similar, original mileage and all. i switched to mobil 0-40w and it did wonders in quieting the engine and improved gas milage to boot. but that might be the least of your worries. good luck

Sobek 12-14-2012 05:34 PM

Just to confirm; did the tapping / knocking Vanos sound only appear after you did all of that work? If so, it might not be the vanos at all. Bit of a long shot but I would recommend checking that all of your spark plugs are torqued done properly (like, seriously properly) and that the rubber spark plug boots from the coils are all in good shape with no tears or deformations.

You probably know this but especially on these cars, a loose spark plug (and I'm just talking BARELY loose at all) can easily sound like a vanos rattle, bent connecting rod, or any other knocking kind of sound. And despite my torquing my spark plugs exactly to spec, they seem to loosen a bit fairly easily and create some noise.

I once thought I'd bent a connecting rod and was about to give up until I just gave the plugs down bank 2 a bit of a tighten. I couldn't believe they could make that much noise but... there is some pretty serious compression in these motors.


rollinpiff 12-17-2012 09:34 AM

naw always made the rattle noise since i biught it a year ago

rollinpiff 12-17-2012 09:34 AM

it rattles a fluttering rattle noise on start up and it increases with thottle

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