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TKO88 11-29-2012 12:13 PM

Dropping the Engine out of a 2012 X3...
Hey everyone! How goes it!?

Thanks to working at a body shop this happens every now and then... We had a 2012 BMW X3 get towed in about a month or so with a really hard hit in the front. So hard that the frame rails need to be fixed. The engine needs to come out to have enough room cut and weld etc. I'm pretty well versed in Honda's, Acura's, Toyota's, and Lexus' but never really messed with BMW's. Never really liked the Euro engineering. But I figured i'll give this a shot at work. I'm one of the Mechanics at the body shop. So here goes! Here's what has been done so far!



1. Here's the X3 shortly after they tore it down for the estimate.

2. We needed to get into the front of the car a little more so we started to take the hood and cowl off, powered down the car and got some of the harness in the engine out of the way. Also removed the air box. BTW the cowl comes apart in about 5 different places. :thumbdwn:

3. Now that we had gotten this far it was time to evacuate the Air Conditioning system and get the X3 ready to move over to the body shop where the frame rack is. I was wondering how the heck we were going to move this thing sense it the paddle PRNDL all electric... How do we get it into Neutral? :mad: Well after a lot of Google searches and calls to the local BMW dealer I finally figured out how to put the trans into Neutral!
1. Remove trans shield (Cloth one in the middle)
2. There's an allen head bolt on the drivers side of the trans you must turn till it stops.
3. Pictures below

-The allen bolt you need to tighten is the one to the left (strait across to the left) of the "90" written on drive shaft.

4. The interior got rocked too with many of the air bags going off inside. Requiring the dash, center console, and seats to be removed. The dash will be replaced a log with the headliner.

5. I'm trying to stay organized with the build/rebuild having bolts and parts like crazy!

That's the furthest i've gotten on the X3 for now. We will be moving it to the body shop in the next couple days to get it on the frame rack! I'll have more pictures as soon as we get to move it! Thanks for reading!! :thumbup:

TKO88 11-29-2012 12:14 PM

UPDATE 11.29.2012

Today we will be moving the X3 to the body shop. I finally got a good picture of the Frame Rail that's kinked/bent for you guys to see. and a few misc. pictures too.

Here's the driver's side frame rail that's kinked/bent.

Here's the passenger side frame rail.

This is going back a little bit to the transmission stuff. This helped me a lot to find the allen head. I Googled "ga8hp automatic transmission" and searched under Images and found a 3D parts image of the Safety Lever to get the transmission into Neutral. Here it is.

I'll post pictures a little later once we move the X3 (F25) to the body shop and get it on the frame rack.

Thanks again for reading and the help!!

TKO88 11-30-2012 07:16 AM

UPDATE: 11.30.12 Today we will be moving the X3 next door! We finally have some time to move it! Hopefully today after lunch we will get her moved!! Thanks again to all of you who are reading and helping!! The BMW family is a lot nicer and more helpful than the Honda family! haha

TKO88 12-03-2012 10:41 AM

UPDATE 12.03.12

Well we finally got the d@mn thing moved Friday afternoon! Pushed it over to the body shop and got it set up on the frame rack. One of our body tech's came in on Saturday and pulled the frame back out strait.

Here's the frame after it was pulled.

Here's Before:

Here's after:

The Drivers side frame rail that was kinked was straitened out. Still needs sectioned.



Now that everything is pulled its time to drop the engine finally. I'll be starting on that tmrw when our frame tech get back to work. He's going to help me pull the motor. I''l have some "step by step" pictures for you guys as the day goes on! Hope you guys enjoy reading!! Thanks again for all your help and input!!

TKO88 12-04-2012 10:43 AM

Update 12.04.12:

Ok here we go! We got the X3 off the frame rack today and backed into the spot where we will be pulling the motor. We started taking the Radiator support out. A long with Radiator, Condenser, Inter-cooler, and fan assm. We found the Inter-cooler was damaged and so is one of the turbo couplings. Then I got the engine harnesses disconnected all the way, so now all the wiring is disconnected. One thing i found with the wiring harness on the drivers side is there is a vacuum line in with the harness! I'm guessing it is to monitor the amount of boost the turbo is putting out. We also unbolted the steering linkage at the top by the brake booster so we can drop all that at once. So enough of my blah blah blah B.S. haha here's some pictures!

Here you can see the BIG difference with the frame pulled strait again.

Here's the start of the tear down.

Damaged Inter-Cooler.

Got the Radiator support out.

Air Conditioning was disconnected and taped off so it will not get contaminated.

Removed the wiring harness.

Our spread of broken parts haha.

We should be getting the motor out tomorrow afternoon or Thursday some time! So far this build is going pretty smoothly! Just very time consuming! Thanks again everyone for reading and helping! I really like hearing all you input so keep it coming!! Thanks again!!

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