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mybmwx5 12-02-2012 04:40 PM

BMW M54 Idle Issues - Fix It Yourself
For anyone suffering from poor idle conditions on M54 engine:

1. Upgrade your DISA valve per this link:

germanautosolutions com/buy_m54_disa_repair_kit.php

2. Properly check and clean your Idle Control Valve (ICV).

The valve should flap around when you shake it with a
twisting of your wrist.

If not, it is stuck. (causes stalls or does not idle at all)

Do not use WD40 to clean or lube it!

Put on gloves and eyewear protection.
Get a bottle of fuel injector cleaner.

Caution: only perform this task outside, not in the garage!!!

Use a doubled red solo cup or similar container
and soak the ICV portals end, not the whole thing,
with the fuel injector cleaner.

Soak for 30min or longer. Use qtips or similar
to clean the portals and valve chamber.

Twist/shake the ICV in a washing machine motion while in the fluid.
You'll notice more and more black buildup being released.

Repeat as necessary until fully clean.
Shake out excess and let it completely dry.
Avoid high pressure air from an air tank.
Properly recycle the used injector cleaner.

You should hear the valve flapping back and forth when
shaking it with a twisting motion.

*youtube * / watch?v=STy-J10DtiU

Note: If you are burning oil, maybe a quart in a month or two,
check for a bad CCV (Oil separator).
Typically the drain back tube to the dipstick is clogged.
Replace CCV with the cold weather type.

Three steps per these links:
*youtube */ watch?v=YWXtiCwRH-k
*youtube */ watch?v=amHwxoFAl7I
*youtube */ watch?v=u7AyOmqhlBk

Re-install cleaned ICV (or new one).

Re-install Upgrade DISA (or new one).

Your Ultimate Driving Machine should be restored to
Ultimate Idle and Acceleration!!

Note: Idle will be 500 to 700.
On cold days, idle will start high until engine is warmed up.

Good Luck.

rbelton 10-05-2016 07:11 PM

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