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JamesA 12-03-2012 04:39 PM

Another data point for the repair database
2006 BMW 650 coupe with ~87K on the clock (original owner):

Just wanted to let you guys know that I saw a few drops of oil under the car (it was leaking about 1 drop per evening on the right front of the motor). I never got around to looking at it since it's been raining here in So Cal for a week straight.

Comically, I got the low coolant warning about 1 week later and opened the hood to add some water and noticed that the thin coolant pipe that runs along the top of the radiator was leaking coolant rapidly. So I brought the car in and popped the hood at my indy. He noted the common failure of the leaking coolant flex pipe. He also pointed out that my vacuum pump was what was leaking oil on the floor of the garage (also common according to him).

So he charged me ~$500 to R/R the vacuum pump and ~$300 to replace two of the coolant flex pipes (apparently there is another of those coolant flex pipes near-by that he also changed because he said they tend to fail at around the same time)? Since the service light was on, I also had him do an oil service / inspection. So I'll be spending my December allowance on those items to the tune of ~$1K.

Car has 87K on the clock and new thrust arm bushings (~$500) were the only previous non-warranty repair I have done on the car so it has been pretty reliable with only ~$1.5K in out of pocket repairs in my 6+ years of ownership. I do not have an extended warranty so I have been living dangerously for 2+ years pretty successfully up to this point.

That said, I think it's time to start car shopping. I don't plan to do another oil service, brake job or tire replacement on the vehicle. I've got about 6 mos. to figure something out. I will not keep the car past 100K. I'm already pushing my luck. I have always stuck to the BMW maintenance schedule so I have been going 12K between oil changes, original spark plugs, original transmission oil, etc.

Wanted to let you guys know about a couple more common items that should be budgeted for if planning to own a 650 as it approaches retirement age. Thanks to the great info on this board, I knew what to expect in repair costs and was able to approve the repairs quickly after doing a bit of searching here on the 6er board to verify symptoms with corrective actions and prices (for those that don't want to get dirty with DIY).

This has been a great car and I am thinking of simply getting a new 2013 / 2014 F13 version of the 650. It seems that they have made a great car even better in the new version.

We read about problems on this board constantly. Heck, even I'm posting on a problem, but by and large my problems have been few and far between and the car has been awesome and reliable....I have gotten my money's worth.....


Yorgi 12-03-2012 09:59 PM

Your indie is correct, those are all common fail/wear items.

Good luck on the car shopping.

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