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wooferbmw 12-04-2012 02:16 PM

1990 M20/reman head
Hi all! As you all know I am a new bmw owner and its old but I love it. I have a 1990 525i M20 e34. I am looking to get a completely remaned head for it with the complete valve train. When I bought the car it would not start. I am a marine mechanic and it sounded just like it had no compression. I didn't even check compression at that point. I immediatly took the valve cover off and all the rocker caps were off on the intake side. The previous owner did a complete head gasket repair with new water pump and the whole nine yards and forgot to put the rocker tube key in place.
I purchased a new key and all new caps. It fired up right away with a tick on intake of cylinder 3. The ecocentric is bad, the spring is good, the valve seal is good but with not having that key the intake valve on 3 is bent due to interference. The cam is worn due to basically trying to start an untimed interfernce engine. Lucky for me they stoped and sold the car. I have adjust the valve lash on all cylinders back to specs (except intake on 3) and I averaged 24.7 mpg from Raleigh, NC to Ashville, NC. From Gatlinburg to Raleigh I averaged 25.3 mpg.
I love this car and the m20 engine and would like to keep it that way. I am going to take the head off but do not want to reman the one I have. I want a completely new cam, valve train, the works.
For you more experianced guys can you recommend a good place to buy a complete plug and play reman head. I'll have the block at TDC compression on #1 before I take it apart.

robertobaggio20 12-04-2012 08:04 PM

Please pm the poster called ricks5series. He will set you up with the right guy. He needed to get a new cylinder head for himself. If you search these forums, you might find his master thread on the project it was pretty cool.

It might cost you around $700 though.

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