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Whippa 12-04-2012 02:38 PM

Leasing a 13 35d has went up a lot over 12!
I have been prowling the site here for over a year..went back and forth on the 5.0 and 35D and waffled on waiting for the 14, until I was convinced (on here) to not go for a first year BMW model. I was set to lease a 12 at the end of the year and was finalizing the numbers and hoping to take adv of end of year deals when the shutdown the 12 line... so I moved to the 13..the eco fell 1500,the options crept up , but most of all the residual on the 13 dropped to 51%...from 5 on the 12.. That equates to about $150 more per mo on a loaded 35D ..AD ect,.. all things considered about $8 K less that the identical vehicle in a 12.... My fault for waiting but left such a sour taste in my mouth I have decided to wait..Checked all 12 inventor..only 6 with AD and no acceptable color schemes with contour seats.

BeamerandBimmer 12-04-2012 02:56 PM

When I first started looking at the X5, the difference in lease payments between the 35D and 50i were marginal. Even though the the difference between the MSRP on the two were substantial.

The 50i suits my driving style better, so thats what I went with.

Whippa 12-04-2012 03:01 PM

That 50..did "put a chill up my leg"...If it wasn't my wife's daily driver I would have went with the 50.

Kar Don 12-04-2012 05:52 PM

35D was an amazing lease deal in october, sorry you missed it.

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