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bciervo7 12-05-2012 10:00 AM

Squeaking steering wheel, tightness
Hello all, so I went against all of my instincts and got an alignment and tire change at a Firestone in my local area. Well they did the tire change, and alignment about a month ago, no fuss no muss.

Well immediately upon getting the car I noticed the steering was A LOT less responsive. Asked on here if I should worry, everyone claimed it was the difference in tires I had gotten, hard worn down RFT to soft normal Contis. I knew better, just because I could tell it was in the actual steering of the car, even before feedback from tires kicked in.

Anyway, well a week or two in my steering started to get tight at about a 45 degree angle on the steering wheel turn, when making a 90 degree turn. It was very intermittent and sometimes was accompanied by a leather/rubber? squeaking in the steering column. It felt like a lot more resistance than just a steering wheel part rubbing up against something. I hoped it was just my responsive steering coming back, because it was much tighter than before, but now its just dangerous because I never know how much force I have to put when making a turn.

So I brought it back to Firestone, they just called and said everything is fine and on "their end" and that they didnt feel any issues. I told them to take it around a couple blocks, and they said they couldnt do anything anyway because its beyond their expertise. I asked them if it was just a coincedence that 1 week after they changed my tires and did an alignment that Im now having this issue. They said they dont know, maybe someone put the wrong fluid in, when no ones put fluid in anywhere short of oil and windshield wiper fluid.

Obviously Im gonna bring it to an expert, but can I claim any kind of fault on their end? Faulty alignment causing steering issues? I tried to get a mockup when I got the alignment done and he didnt know what I meant and said the printer was broken. :dunno: yeah, I know. Bells should have rung then. Any help?

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