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welchanos 12-08-2012 01:35 AM

Staggered wheel rims for 320i xDrive, winter tires.
Hello everyone,

I will be receiving a new 2012 F30 320i xDrive with 205/60R16 tires and am looking to get some winter tires. I had thought that it would be all right to swap the tires that I have on now with winter ones, but my dealer recommended me to buy a new set of tires (new rims and tires). The reason being not only for the convenience but that changing the tires often may scratch or damage the rims. I didn't expect to be shelling out that much and was looking around for options. Do you think that I should get a new whole set?

Also, I came across some used rims in good condition from an E46 M-sport for about $450. They are staggered. 7.5J x 17EH2 ET41, 8.5Jx17EH2 ET50. Would they be all right to put on my car? And would it be unusual to put Michelin Xi3 studless tires on them? Would that setup have any negative effects?

Are there any inexpensive rims that you can recommend that are good value for money? Which brand?

Another questions is about my current tires. They now are 205s. Would upgrading them to 225/55R16 make any difference in my car's performance. And if I do decided to just use the current rims, should I get the Xi3s in 205 or 225?

Thanks for your help.


welchanos 12-21-2012 07:45 AM


Can anyone offer any answers to my post?

stan01 12-22-2012 04:11 PM

One data point: I bought 4 new tires yesterday. Rims came back with 1-2 small scratches on each and a 2 cm scratch on one. I think your dealer has a good point (especially if you want your rims to be perfect). Sorry, I can't help with your other questions.

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