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Escaflowne 12-23-2012 07:29 PM

2003 Z4 3.0i wheels/tires question
Hello everyone, I purchased my z4 a few months ago in KY, and have since moved back to WI. I need to purchase winter tires but it seems impossible to find any for my current 225/40ZR18SL (Front) / 255/35ZR18SL (Rear). I went to Tires plus and Discount tire, both said they couldn't order anything. I was planning to put winters on my current OEM 18" and then buy another set of wheels/summer tires later, but it seems I have to buy a set of 17" wheels now in order to get winter tires.

My previous vehicle was a 2004 Mustang GT, I always just went to discount tire in TX/KY and purchased tires/had them installed there.

I've never had two dedicated sets of wheels/tires before for summer/winter, but since I apparently have to get a set of 17" to get any snow tires I'm going to do that, and keep my 18" for the summer, I've never used tirerack/etc before, so no idea what do look for as far as a new set of 17' wheels if anyone could suggest a reputable brand/wheel I would appreciate it.

So basically I have my 18" OEM wheels now, which need a new set of tires anyway, so going to put a new set of tires on them and store them until summer (

And I need a set of 17" wheels so that I can get some winter tires for now (I was thinking the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 RFT's?).

It just seems crazy that I cant get winter tires for my 18" wheels? is this right, seems so complicated that I have to order a set of 17" wheels, a set of winter tires, a set of summer tires, get them all shipped to my house? or some installation facility? put the 17" with winters on, get the new tires on the 18", and then coordinate with a friend to transport my now additional set of wheels since I certainly cant fit them in my z4 ha. Just seems like such a pain in the butt, but oh well.

vintage42 12-24-2012 05:26 AM

I just went to, entered your car, selected your tire size combination, and there are many winter tire sets for your car.

Escaflowne 12-24-2012 06:48 AM

Not sure what you are seeing, but all those are summer/all season (which I don't think is going to be enough). Not a single set of winter tires.

vintage42 12-24-2012 07:59 AM

My mistake. I looked again and Tire Rack does have a winter package for your Z4, but it's not 225/40ZR18SL in front and 255/35ZR18SL in rear. Their package is 225/40ZR18SL all around:

Could you not use the same tires on the rear as the front, just for winter?

pokeybritches 12-25-2012 12:09 PM

225's should work all around. The sport package rear wheels are 8.5" wide. I had 225 width tires on the front of my M with my 8.5" wide Apex ARC-8 before going a tire size wider.

Additionally, the OEM M wheels are 9" wide in the rear with a 255 width rear tire- a 1" wider wheel with a 30mm (1.18") wider tire.

Worst case they will look slightly stretched.

Blackpony 12-29-2012 08:48 AM

I received winter tires for my Z4 3.0 18" wheels at my MI BMW dealer. Michelin X-ice Studless, 215/45 R 18 89T. The dealership even stores the summer tires. The tires performed great in this weeks blizzard with heavy snow and ice covered roads. Winter tires are normally narrower and have a higher profile than summer tires. The reduced speed rating is required by the softer rubber compounds required for traction on ice. No requirement to go to a smaller wheel and a smaller wheel may not clear your brakes.

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