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magas 12-24-2012 08:45 PM

New 2013 X3 trying to install BMW Apps?
Just got my new 2013 X3
I have the technology package, and navigation, but the BMW Apps was not on it as the vehicle was pre built by the factory.
I have seen many threads about the BMW Apps Retrofit but now I am as confused as ever.
Isnt this just a software add on? Cant I just download and install the firmware myself?
1. When I connect my BMW Connected APP to my car is says that the protocol fails everytime.
2. Anyone know if I can do this myself?

My X3
Space Grey

magas 12-24-2012 09:17 PM

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ALso found this....
Looks like its just a cable?
Also looking into buying an enet cable, to do some programing. ANyone have any advance?:angel:

docal97 12-25-2012 10:12 AM

usually the BMW apps will be one of the packages that came w/ your x3. Do you see it on your invoice? If you do, you will need to get the iphone app, and with the app opened on the iphone, you should see it appear within the settings.

If you didn't pay for this option at purchase, I'm not sure if it can be added as an aftermarket upgrade.

shane.reid 12-25-2012 10:54 AM

You can retrofit it. Bimmertech sells the kit. It's roughly 700$

gfeiner 12-25-2012 07:47 PM

Yes it can be retrofitted. has the part number for the retrofit kit.

magas 12-25-2012 08:11 PM

Has anyone done this?

glennk 12-26-2012 01:18 AM

Are the BMW Apps worth it? I'm only aware of functionality for Facebook, Twitter and internet music (all of which, I don't use)

magas 12-26-2012 08:51 AM

I would like to have that upgraded. It seems that as long as you have the technology package it's only a software update that you can do with an Enet cord. But if you want to have video out you need a cable. I can't find Any pictures of it though. See the attached PDF above. There had to be someone here that has done

magas 01-01-2013 09:35 AM

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Well this looks like the cable...
Part number 61 12 2 295 390
Here is the picture.
It looks like just 3 simple wires with connectors.
Here is the site I found it at. But Im sure I can just order it at my dealer also with the part number.
the problem is getting an "Enable Code"

Please let me know if someone has done this on there own:angel:
If not I will make a DIY, but would appreciate some insight.
Has anyone taken out the radio and armrest. Anything I need to know?

magas 01-02-2013 07:39 AM

Well I called 3 dealerships and no one can order the cable. Looks like I have to get it online. Also the quoted 2 hours of labor to program the car, and 1.5 to install the cable. Looks like I'll just try to buy the cable and do it all myself.

fabiodominici 08-31-2013 02:38 AM

Did you success?
I have your same situation? Did you menage to solve with the cable? How could you get codes for enabling BMW Apps?

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