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overambitious 12-27-2012 10:30 AM

to swap or to reassemble; process and diagnostic; invitation to experts
Hi all. I'm a new member but I've been reading the forums a LOT for a year or two since my life has been taken over by a pile of e36 BMW.

I've got a 1997 328i, manual 130,000, arctic silver, crashed, substantive damage to unibody, and a 1998 328i, auto, 280,000+ !, ascotgruen (very pretty), body in great shape.

i drove the 98 a tiny bit. the engine seemed nice and smooth, even when revved up high, and it did not seem to have a power deficiency compared to my other one. the odometer don't work though and it had gotten up to 280,000 before it stopped working

so the 98 (the green one) runs smoothly. before i assembled the cooling system, running it 5 or 10 minutes at a time until it got up to temp and then i'd shut it off. assemble cooling system and fill it up and uh oh, heater core has big leak, swap heater core, all good, and uh oh, when it gets up to temp, plumes of white smoke/vapor coming out tailpipe... sigh

so, i figure its headgasket. remove head before performing proper compression test, smacks forehead, old headgasket doesn't even look that bad, smacks forehead. pour oil onto each piston, which doesn't drain past pistons at all for days - i think it's still there, and has leaked very little, however oil is only distributed on one side of each piston (so could rings be damaged on the other side of pistons?)

ANYWAY - IM BROKE, REALLY BROKE. but i want to make the best out of my m52s. i'm gonna play with them for many years i think. twin turboing or hho water vapor FUEL VAPOR - the whole 9 yards, and then another 9 yards, thats why i've called myself overambitious. gonna start with megasquirt i think. maybe throw a big electric motor to run my water pump and steering pump.

the auto trans on the 98 seems to have leaked a good deal of fluid, should i swap only the transmission? not to mention, i dropped a nail in through the OTHER hole in the bellhousing, the one that's like a foot above the flywheel locktool hole before i found the proper hole. so i think this nail will just sit harmlessly in the bottom of the case, but i am aware that it could be dangerous...

the spark plugs on the 98 are gross, black sticky and shiny, the piston heads are ok i guess, some carbon buildup but nothing too intense. none of my piston heads cylinders were shiny clean as if there had been a lot of water burning in one cylinder...

i figure i should replace my plugs and possibly valve stem seals. i want to do the valve stem seals. also, does anybody know how worn down my valve- seats are going to be at about 300,000 miles? i don't have enough money to send any work out to a machine shop

so i need to check my head for cracks now, is the dye test reliable? or could there be a crack somewhere deeper in the veins of the head? either reassemble my 98 m52 with new headgasket and hope to god that it works well from there, then maybe swap the manual transmission from my other car . OR swap the whole engine and trans between cars and then mess with the high mileage engine when i have $$ to do a proper rebuild - run the thing on a stand for a while experimenting with MS and hydrogen - turbos and electronics and all that hoopla... (yes i know you're not going to want to see hydrogen anywhere near a turbocharger; dammit i'm sorry i even mentioned such nonsense)

THANK YOU FOR READING. i'll be able to lend knowledge in the future i promise. happy holidays to all and god bless, even if you don't believe in god, god bless you...

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