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Mikes530 12-30-2012 04:40 PM

Stealer story - nice one for a change
Early morning commute in a snow storm this Thursday and I hit a pretty large snow bank left by a snow plow doing a road crossing the street I was using. Those of you in the rust belt will know what I mean. Saw it at the last moment but still went through it at about 20 mph.

Phew! no damage to the bumper, lower grill or fog lights but the rubber/plastic air dam under the bumper and the two aero/mud flaps in front of both front wheels (the ones that incorporate the brake air ducts and the front section of the wheel well liner) were done for.

First thought was to check out a couple of wreckers but I went to my local dealer first to get a price benchmark. I was expecting the usual "made from platinum" price but the cost for all three parts was a little over $100 including all fasteners and they gave me a 20% discount because I had originally bought the car from them. Not cheap at $80 but pretty reasonable and I probably couldn't get the parts very much cheaper at a wreckers, assuming I could find everything I needed.

I usually ignore the dealer as a source for parts whenever possible but I'll be pricing most things there (at least as a check) from now on.

MotorMark 12-31-2012 07:38 AM

Not too bad of a deal. Glad the damage wasn't worse!

Topaz540i 12-31-2012 09:38 AM

My stealership doesnt want work either. When i bought the car it had no e-brake, severely worn past sevice life rotors, and several oil leaks, destroyed thrust bushing and completely bald tires yet the "world class inspection" of over 120 points, including the above mentioned issues, came back all green check marks. They didnt try to sell me anything and said the car was perfect. I must be the ugly chick cuz they werent even interested in raping me even if it was warranted.

Btw, just for the record i only go there for alignments.

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