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raywith76elsi 01-01-2013 06:44 PM

No crank seems to be EWS issue
Happy New Year to all. Have a 2000 Z3 with 6 cylinder and manual transmission. It has been running fine until one day when I drove it to work and was unable restart it again when it was time to go home. Had to have it towed back to the house so I could test a few things. Tried locking/unlocking, arming and disarming the alarm, tried multiple keys but nothing works. I can hear something running (fuel pump?) when the key is turned on but no cranking takes place. My diagnostic reader (Peak) indicates codes d0 (EWS Engine Speed) and 80 (EWS signal) from table 15. Only other clue that I remember was the DSC light coming on during my initial ride into work, it had not done this before. Clock, lights, and other electrical accessories seem to power on just fine. Original radio has been locked down for over a year, cannot seem to come up with a code that will work.

vintage42 01-02-2013 04:08 AM

One forum post says:
"The EWS controls the signal from the key to the injection system. If the key doesn't match the stored code in the EWS brain the car will not start."

EWS is apparently a German acronym for Electronic Immobilization System or Driveaway Protection System or antitheft system. The Bentley Manual says a primary code is imbedded in the key and the vehicle and a secondary code is changed every time the vehicle is started. If the key code and EWS module do not match, the engine management module and starter are disabled. And it is possible to damage the electronics in the key rendering it unusable.

Here's some stuff on EWS:

marty505 01-02-2013 04:11 PM

I'd take a look at the starter immobilization switch near the top left side of the clutch pedal (there's also a switch on the right side of the pedal, it deactivates the cruise control).

raywith76elsi 02-24-2013 06:01 PM

Code reader confirms that EWS is keeping the car from starting. Another code indicates there is a problem with engine speed signal. Is there some relation to another issue; the last time it ran, the DSC light came on. Car has been sitting and now the battery is dead, it will have to be put on a charger before more troubleshooting can be done. Has anyone experienced this type of lock down?

dougmcintyre 02-25-2013 07:48 AM

Despite the EWS codes, I would not automatically rule out a bad battery or corroded connections. I've read
1 - if the ECU detects a battery voltage that to low to start the engine, the ECU won't supply power to the starter.
2 - sometimes with low voltage, the car will throw false codes.

Also, I'm surprised after only two months of sitting, a formerly in-use "good" battery is now bad. Z3's don't have a lot of fancy, power draining electronics. Just sounds awfully coincidental.

Personally the only battery test I trust is to switch in a known good battery. Sounds like you have other cars. Perhaps you could make a temporary battery swap.

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