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7Rage 01-03-2013 10:15 PM

interior lighting question
so i have been browsing the forums and the DIY but am easily distracted by the other threads and the mountains of info they contain:thumbup:... however i ahve not come across anything but the sticky regarind LEDs and angel eyes... this kinda glosses over interior and dives into angels eyes....

I really like the orange glow that is the signature of our cars.... but my favorite color is blue... I was in some one elses car (different make) and they had all dome lights blue and yes I was turned on....

I went autozone and got 2 bulbs and tried them in differnt locations... i like the look and with the orange turned all the way down they go well together. so two parts to my question.

1. can one disable the orange lights in the cab. I want it to be reversible so changing the leds is not an option.. i was thinking in like programming or something... or breaking the circuit (fuse or dimmer switch) but I want the cluster lights and conrols to be lit. So my main concentration is the leds where the dome lights are and over the cup holder (basically the accent lights but not the lights that illuminate the controls and switches)

easiest solution to me would to use electrical tape in the housing to just block the light.

2. will using LEDs trip the computer... I notice there are CANBUS leds but I want to know if I can just use regular ones. The angel eyes I know give errors when leds are installed improperly.

two reasons for this is price and availability. the can bus bulbs are 5-10$ more per bulb... as far as availabilty there are different styles in bulbs (amount of leds and color, not socket) that i want to employ.

front and rear dome light, front foot well, rear foot well, -BLUE
front and rear map/reading light, step lights under door and licence plate - BRIGHT WHITE

as well as rear foot well uses festoon style bulb and i want to use directional bulbs under doors and in reading lights..

anyone here changed their interiors lights.. know a good place to get bulbs?

I want to do the angel eyes too but that comes later....

I really want the out side to match... the is halogen in the angel eyes, halogen in brights, halogen in the fogs, and Xenon for the headlights and then handles have white led and the step lights are halogen...

I want to match the hi-beams and fogs to the headlights as close as i can with higher temp halogens unless someone says leds work better and are brighter and as focused..I actually like the brights on this car and the coverage they provide. the angels eyes I want bright white.

7Rage 01-05-2013 12:14 PM

Nobody knows if I need canbus lights. I found thread about the cabin leds not beign canbus but it was a 3, so I wanted to be sure before I spend money. Has anyone actually done it andd know which bulbs are most blue nad most bright.... and brightest whites as well. I came across the new 5630 smds but can only find in white.

Also does anyone know if there are clear(ish) dome light covers? I would like to use clear instead of the frosted...

KaileSvick 01-05-2013 12:59 PM

There is a website I believe it's ijdmtoy that sells a full interior light kit to replace all interior bulbs with LEDs. As far as the factory orange LEDs go there's no way to disable them even with coding. If you dim your cluster lights those LEDs also dim which may make them less noticeable.

7Rage 01-05-2013 01:41 PM

yeah saw the ijdm page.. though they want 70 or so... thought that was a little over priced.. has anyone bought from them? I would want to know if they are bright or not... or long lasting

i dimmed the lights all the way down... it looks pretty good (i got a blue bulb from store) the leds will be brighter and overpower the orange even more when dimmed.... the orange and blue dont look bad together, at least when dimmed... someone changed all the leds behinds the switches and cluster 100-200 altogether) I like the orange and would not want to do that but it did look good....

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