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Wu! Wraps 01-06-2013 06:56 PM

Wu! Wraps Custom Automotive Wraps FINALLY HERE FOR BIMMERFEST Z-series owners!!
Wu! Wraps Custom Automotive Wraps FINALLY HERE FOR BIMMERFEST 7-series owners!!
Sup everyone, i am now a official sponsor on the site. let me know if you guys would like anything wrapped on your e36/e85!

full details found here:

bmw z4 interior trim done with 3m di-noc ca-418 silver carbon fiber vinyl. as always z4's are not the easiest to take apart... this job took 5hrs to do, i think the 1st one took me like 9-10hrs to do... came out great! the color of the cf flows really nicely with the oem silver accents in the interior. also did the shift surround which was body color cream. didn't get before shots of the light colored wood (really bad especially for a car so sporty)... owner is super happy with the results! Wu! Wraps

Wu! Wraps 01-06-2013 06:58 PM

BMW Z4 interior trim wrapped in carbon fiber fabric:

Wu! Wraps 01-06-2013 06:58 PM

Lexus IS250 interior trim wrapped in 3m 1080 anthracite carbon fiber. came out great! also did the air vents and yellow foglights in oracal 8300 yellow film. his fogs were really faded and pitted, a lil claybar and new fresh glossy vinyl makes them look a lot newer. owner is very happy with the results, this was about a 3hr job. might do more stuff on this one later. Wu! Wraps

Wu! Wraps 01-06-2013 06:59 PM

BMW e90 interior trim wrapped in 3m 1080 brushed black. drop off job, will have installed pics tmrw for you guys. i'm thinking this is becoming more and more popular now! barely had enough materials to finish this job! all in all came out great! job time was around 3hrs or so on this one. Wu! Wraps

Wu! Wraps 01-07-2013 10:57 PM

sup guys get creative! here's some links to some of the big players in the vinyl world.

lots of wood/metallic/weird patterns:

bunch of new matte metallic type colors:

3m 1080 prob the best there is:

some nice color changing stuff (like the lexus white that kinda looks pink/yellow/lots of pearl in it):

avery's top of the line vinyl:

for you hunting/ military guys:

Wu! Wraps 01-23-2013 10:52 PM

sup everyone! got my NEW ORACAL 970RA/975 sample book! been waiting for this thing for months... check out all the new matte metallic colors & some new patterns!

sup sup, so finally got my new Oracal 970ra samples after txt'n the west coast rep. the new matte metallic colors all look great! that's what i was looking forward to the most! as for the brushed & cf, they look just like 3m 1080 stuff. all looks legit with a couple other options to chooose from as well. check it all out everyone! as always pictures of samples is very hard to capture... but at least you guys get a good idea of what your lookin at! Wu! Wraps



Wu! Wraps 01-24-2013 09:04 PM

Audi S4 B8 rear diffuser wrapped in 3m 1080 carbon fiber. this was a pretty tricky diffuser, up there in degree of difficulty... tried to pull it off the bumper on the car but no go, tabs were toooo stiff. ended up pulling the rear bumper off, and doing it. took the chrome part off, wrapped that in 2 parts (top & bottom seamed with knifeless tape). did the rear diff in 2 sections (the main area & the way back in another strip since the vinyl was too bunched up to save). no one will ever tell there is seams in this job. also did the ACHTUNING license plate frame, sorry forgot to take a pic of that... all in all came out great! bad pics, too dark outside to take good ones as well... total job time was 4.5hrs! owner is diggin tha new look tho! Wu! Wraps

PrinceWm 02-16-2013 06:51 PM

Dude, those look so sharp! I love that CLEAN, streamlined look!

Wu! Wraps 02-19-2013 12:16 AM

PrinceWm: thanks!

rsutoratosu 02-21-2013 07:36 AM

How does this work, you wrap them or you're selling the wrap ? I rather pay someone to do it for me :)

Wu! Wraps 02-21-2013 09:07 AM

rsutoratosu: yes, i wrap your existing trim. so if your out of state usually people mail me there trim, i wrap it, and send it back. turnaround time is usually wrapped in the same day i get it and back in transit the next day, assuming i'm not booked up the day i get your parts.

Wu! Wraps 04-05-2013 12:26 PM

Sup everyone! just renewed my "sponsorship" for another 3 months! i will keep the pics coming & sponsorship active as long as there's more work that ya'll send me. don't forget everyone, OUT OF STATE jobs are NO PROBLEM! fast turnaround time and great quality work as you can see in the pics. so for all you Z-series guys out there, keep in mind your car is fully functional without the interior trim! thanks again for looking and feel free to hit me up with any questions/concerns/tips to DIY/trim removal questions/etc...

Wu! Wraps 09-22-2013 01:31 PM

thanks guys for all the comments, i'm just offering a service to those out of state that may want some of this stuff done.

so i just bought a house and it's closing on the 10/11/13! so i need to buy some furniture and stuff! so from today to the end of October i'm doing -$50.00 off any service!! this is the LOWEST i will do wrapping for, i believe this will be the same price i started doing wraps for 3.5+yrs ago... This is for out of state guys OR LOCAL guys that will be bringing me the trim OFF the car!

so here's the deal:
1- this does not mean you can send me your steering wheel trim and i'm gonna wrap it for free...
2- this is for all vinyl i have in stock, IF you want a special order color, that's fine, but you will pay extra for the material cost...
3- this also applies for other stuff you want wrapped, maybe you have a different model something that you want parts wrapped, hit me up and we can go over it...

Avery Supreme black carbon fiber (have a lot)
Avery Supreme gloss black (have a lot)
3m 1080 satin black (have a lot)
3m 1080 hot rod red (have enough for 1-2 trims)
3m 1080 matte dark gray (have enough for 2-3 trims)
3m 1080 anthracite carbon fiber (have enough for 2-3 trims)
3m 1080 brushed black (have enough for 1-2 trims)
3m 1080 brushed aluminum (have enough for 1 trim)
3m 1080 brushed steel (have enough for 1 trim)
Oracal 970ra 933 tin metallic (have enough for 2-3 trims)

BMW 1-series:
E87 interior trim $200.00

BMW 3-series:
E46 sedan interior trim $200.00
E46 coupe interior trim $250.00
E46 steering wheel insert $30.00
E46 smg dome $20.00

E90 sedan interior trim $200.00
E92 coupe interior trim $240.00
E92 steering wheel insert $30.00
E92 rear sliding compartment bezel $30.00

BMW 5-series:
E34 interior trim $200.00
E39 interior trim $250.00
E60 interior trim $250.00
E60 steering wheel insert $30.00

BMW 6-series:
E63 interior trim $250.00
E63 steering wheel insert $30.00
E63 cup holder $50.00

BMW 7-series:
E38 interior trim $250.00
E65 interior trim $300.00

BMW X-series:
E53 interior trim $250.00
E53 steering wheel insert $30.00

BMW Z-series:
E85 interior trim $225.00
E85 steering wheel insert $30.00

I know i have left some cars out, this is because i haven't done one yet... but as you can see the pricing is not a big stretch, just contact me with what you got and want done! i will update the price list as jobs come in.

stuff i do:
wrap window trims, smoke lights, wrap interior trim pieces, gloss/matte black roofs etc...

stuff i don't do:
wrench time, I DON'T TINT WINDOWS or CLEAR BRA (but have buddies that do), i don't print decals

very flexible, contact me

south seattle/skyway (close to lucky dragon casino/fry's electronics/gene coulon park)

materials i use:
3m 1080 series vinyl
3m di-noc series vinyl
oracal 970ra series vinyl
oracal 8300 series vinyl (smoking lights and stuff like that)
avery supreme series vinyl
carbon fiber fabrics from,, ebay seller "kazen"

Mark Wu
Wu! Wraps
Seattle Wa 98178!-Wraps

Bucko521 09-22-2013 11:54 PM

The work looks top notch. If I ever want this will be on my list to contact.

Wu! Wraps 09-23-2013 11:24 PM

Bucko521: thanks for the compliment! yea, let me know if you or your buddies need some wrap work done!

Wu! Wraps 06-24-2014 11:10 PM

BMW Z4M e86 Avery supreme gloss black roof Oracal 8300 dark grey smoke taillights Wu! Wraps seattle wa

BMW Z4M e86! worked on several of the owners cars, comes all the way down from up north! wrapped the roof with Avery Surpeme gloss black, and smoked the taillights, 3rd brake light & sidemarkers with Oracal 8300 dark grey transparent smoke film. then gave it some gloss black BMW Roundel decals. came out great! nice way to break up the car a bit and give it a more classy aggressive look! total job time was about 2.5hrs on this one. owner is diggin tha new look! might be doing some more work on this one in the future! stay posted! Wu! Wraps

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