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SilverX3 01-08-2013 01:28 PM

Angle Lights
My LED angel light buls I got from ebay ($39 a set) keep on giving me error

2008 E92.... can anyone recommend me a better light bulbs....


Thanks kindly

bballfreak 01-08-2013 02:25 PM

Lux angel lights.
I think they are the best but not cheap.

SilverX3 01-08-2013 02:29 PM


will have a look

Mineo335i 01-08-2013 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by SilverX3 (Post 7298763)
My LED angel light buls I got from ebay ($39 a set) keep on giving me error

2008 E92.... can anyone recommend me a better light bulbs....


Thanks kindly

Those are the Lux they are well worth the money i had them on my 07 335i no codes ever and look great. You get what you pay for.

SilverX3 01-08-2013 02:59 PM

$245.... woah..... a bit pricey

loso81 01-08-2013 03:43 PM

from my previous reading on forums, be cautious about purchasing lights for ur bimmer from eastbay!!:mad::dunno::bawling:

bballfreak 01-08-2013 03:43 PM

Yeah, I know. But they make very high quality product and no error messages.

SilverX3 01-08-2013 03:57 PM

anything around $100 ?

bballfreak 01-08-2013 04:06 PM

I am sure there may be some u can buy for $100, but quality such as brightness and error free, I am not sure of

Princeton 01-08-2013 04:19 PM

I have the Lux on my car - they are worth the money.

SilverX3 01-08-2013 04:44 PM

Post christmas syndrome.... cash flow is poor

tony(topaz,SMG) 01-08-2013 05:00 PM

I have a pair of barely used GP Thunder bulbs I'll sell you if you want them. I ended up going with Lux. The GP Thunders are error free and the color is slightly whiter, but they are just as dim as the yellowish stock bulbs. If you want a major upgrade in brightness and whiteness, you'll have to pay major money. For me the Lux are well worth the money.

SilverX3 01-08-2013 07:50 PM

how much ?

email me

blackmsport at gmail dot com


Nordic_Kat 01-08-2013 08:23 PM

Pay up now or keep paying later.....
I think it all depends upon how long you want to keep the car. IIRC per the discussion 2 years ago when I was researching this: The GP Thunders are basically the Halogen bulbs that for lack of a better description have been painted blue to give them the blue-white color. After a time the paint burns off and you are left more or less, with the original intensity and color of the OEM Halogen. If the GP Thunders are $30 USD per bulb you can buy roughly 4 sets for the price of one set of LUX H8s. The question then becomes how much do you like to play with these things. My set of LUX LED bulbs is closing in on 2 years old and look as good today as the day I installed them. They don't flicker and they don't fault.

IMHO, the only aftermarket solution better than LUX is to pull the headlight units and send them to OSS in Florida for a $$$$$$ solution.

SilverX3 01-08-2013 08:27 PM

well look like Lux is the way to go

I stop drinking coffee for 3 months to pay for LUX

Thank you all

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