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PPXYZ 01-08-2013 02:22 PM

Extended Warranty: good experiences?
Has anyone made good use of extended warranties on their cars?

AFAIK I need to buy one before the original runs out this year. $3K or something like for a mechanical only warranty, electronics are not covered. Seems very expensive for what it covers.

So far, one fix on the emission system. Around 15K miles and expected to run at this rate for the foreseeable future.

My last BMW was a sedan and IIRC repairs started in earnest over 100K. Even then they seemed to run around $1-2K for major work.

x3brian 01-08-2013 06:08 PM

I made it to 107k miles on my 09 with no need for a warranty.

The only potential covered problem I had was a failed front differential at 63k that BMW goodwill warranty repaired for me.

In all my years of high milage driving I haven't had a issue in the first 100k miles that an extended warranty would have done any bit of good....except a Chrysler that went through 4 engines under the included 7/70 power train warranty.

Most issues start happening above 100k and usually closer to 130k...but I also average 30k+ miles a year on my cars. And even those issues IMHO are just routine maintenance (water pump, alternator, clutch, shocks/struts, gaskets).

Those are my 2 cents....although when I bought my wife's vw routan minivan I did get the extended warranty....I learned my lesson before on Chrysler products...since the routan is just a rebadged Chrysler t&c.rofl.

PPXYZ 01-08-2013 11:22 PM

I have been leaning that way. It is good to know that yours has been reliable. It appears that the X3 is relatively problem-free except for that transmission mess in the earlier models. The other early problem appears to be the large and heavy panoroof that I don't use at all. I open the inner roof during the winter, close it all summer and that's it.

4 engines, that must be a record even for Chrysler. I'll bet they kept extras around just in case.


spokelizard 01-10-2013 10:21 AM

I'm surprised you're looking at an extended warranty, I'm remembering back to when you first got the vehicle and I didn't think you were going to keep it past the first month! :D

I purchased mine as a CPO, which is like a 2 year extended warranty. I had lots of service under the original warranty, but only 2 under the CPO warranty: replace the oil sensor (bad readings), and replace the heater fan (excessive noise). My SA estimated each job at about $600 if I didn't have the CPO. That's a total of $1,200 which I think is less than the cost of a 2 year warranty, which means so far BMW would have been ahead if there was no CPO and I had purchased the warranty.

Nevertheless I'm thinking seriously of buying another BMW warranty when my CPO expires in May, just for the peace of mind in case of a large ticket item.

Shop around! Especially if you got the $3K quote at your local dealer. You can buy an extended warranty from any dealer. I got a good quote from Daniel Dutton at Pacific BMW, check the Ask-A-Dealer forum here at Bimmerfest.

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