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denniscasey 01-10-2013 08:14 AM

Need Advice Regarding Suspension Problems for 2011 550i
Looking at 2011 550i to replace my 2006 550i. Each model year seems to come with a new set of chronic issues and I read the thread in this forum titled Dynamic Drive Malfunctions.

The car I am looking at only comes with Sport Package and does not have the Dynamic Handling Package which I think is needed to get dynamic damper control, active roll stabilization and adaptive drive. So I need advice on following:

1. If in fact Sport Package does not include all the "dynamic handling" features will I also avoid the problems mentioned in the thread (mostly pump issues it seems)

2. I noticed mention of build dates in the thread on problems with Dynamic Drive so other than standard "early builds of new models have more problems" are there certain build dates with more problems?

3. My 2006 had Sport Package which at that time included "active roll stabilization". I will test drive the 2011 I am looking at, but what comments can you give me on how noticeable in "normal" driving (no track days, etc) will lack of these "active" features be?

4. There is only one 2011 CPO within 400 miles that has the Dynamic Handling Package. Were problems with Dynamic Drive enough of an issue for 2011's that the package was not normally ordered?

Would appreciate any other advice regarding problems with 2011 550i. I do intend to replace runflats on the 19 inch wheels with 245/40/19 tires which seems to be the general forum recommended replacement to avoid runflat issues and low profile (30 series) tire issues in my land of potholes. Thank you

Needsdecaf 01-10-2013 08:53 AM

1. Don't buy a 2011 that was built before March 2011. Try to go for a 2012 if possible.
2. Correct, Sport package itself contains NO suspension related improvements. MSport does...has dynamic dampers and ARS. For 2011, you would need to add DHP to the sport package to get the above.
3. The base suspension on the 2011's is pretty non-sporty, IMO. I feel like it's gotten better with the later cars.
4. DHP wasn't normally ordered on Sport cars as it's expensive. Most people went with MSport or just the sport package. The issues regarding the ARS haven't been as pervasive as some of the others (pull to the right, vibrating wheels, etc.)

denniscasey 01-10-2013 03:22 PM

Thank you for input Needsdecaf. This 2011 550i was built in June, 2010 which is in your "trouble zone." Would appreciate info on problems with these early build 2011's.

Dealer told me that other than scheduled maintenance this car had a recall replacement of water pump and a leaking coolant hose clamp 4000 miles ago but claims no overheating problem (did not lose coolant, only slow leak).

This car went into service December, 2010 so new car warranty and "free" maintenance until December, 2014 and CPO until December, 2016. However, a good warranty is still problematical if trip is ruined because car has a problem in Glendive, MT (something that happened to me years ago with a Jaguar) so basic reliability is an issue with me when BMW dealers are not always close by in this vast country of ours. Thanks for advice, Dennis

Needsdecaf 01-10-2013 03:32 PM

Stay away.

First, the issues with pull to the right are prevalent. ARS issues are more common. Plus there are significant improvements made in Sept 2010, as well as February 2011.

denniscasey 01-10-2013 04:03 PM

Thank you for candid reponse Needsdecaf. My mind went blank on what ARS is (,,Roll Stabilization?). I see you have 535, but am I right your comments apply to the 550i model I am looking at? Thank you, Dennis

Needsdecaf 01-10-2013 07:14 PM

Yes, ARS is Active Roll Stabilization.

Yes, they do apply to the 550 as well.

Susoa 01-18-2013 05:21 PM

I have a March 2011 build and haven't had any issues. The late 2010 F10 mods had the issues.

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