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bullheadpoint 01-11-2013 07:35 AM

obd code HELP
hi there new to this forum stuff so bare with me
my husband & I are suckers for the 7 serie BMW - we own currently a 2000 750il with 84k on it. we are experiencing a service engine soon situation & need to get the car inspected end of the month. we live in a remote area with limited mechanics to service this car. nearest dealer 2hrs - & very expensive$$
we did find a local person who claims specialty in bmw audi volvo etc
he did a check on the car and say sit needs its 80k tuneup before we can determine the exact malfunction to get the light off on the dash. also went on to suggest that we sell the car at auction and move along. not really interested in going that route. these are the codes
note at the bottom says total of 28 OBD II

couple of things - this car is not used too much this time of year however when we want to use it is nice to, so what do all these things mean - are we screwed lol. can the dash be reset or bypassed? best scenario for us is to get the car inpsected and peck away at the list of issues with the car, there are a couple other things going on with it - like the self leveling suspensionass end of the car is jacked high rides worse than our antuqie fladbed :))
the guesstimate on the tuneup from the guy is about $2k with his labor. apparently you can only buy the parts thru BMW or remanufactured out of Germany?
so some advise here would be appreciated and if you have any ideas on how I translate these codes to english --- much appreciates :dunno:

kupplung 01-11-2013 04:56 PM

Unfortunately, it looks like your mechanic is lumping together two different fault numbering systems -- Pcodes and BWM Fault Codes (BMW-FC).

It seems like most of these codes are about cylinder misfires. 130 either means your o2 sensors are plugged in wrong (swapped) or it's p0130, upstream bank 1 o2 sensor.

Hope this helps. Others might be able to comment more on why both banks are misfiring.

#71 Misfiring with Cylinder Cutout Cyl 9
203 Ignition Circuit Monitoring or (P0203) Injector circuit open, cylinder 3
72 Misfiring with Cylinder Cutout Cyl 10
62 Misfiring in Various Cyls
130 o2 sensors swapped, or (P0130) Lambda Sensor Pre Cat (Bank 1, Sensor 1)
136 Throttle Valve or (P0136) o2 sensor, bank 1, sensor 2
308 (P0308) Cylinder 8 misfire
309 (P0309) Cylinder 9 misfire
104 Fault Memory Error
306 (P0306) Cylinder 6 misfire
301 (P0301) Cylinder 1 misfire
303 (P0303) Cylinder 3 misfire
306 (P0306) Cylinder 6 misfire
300 (P0400) Random/Multiple misfires
note at the bottom says total of 28 OBD II

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