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George_D27 01-11-2013 09:21 AM

Halogen Headlights Upgrade
Hello Everyone, i have an 05 x3 with standard halogen headlights, and i want to get some bi-xexons, but is there any way i can just purchase the 06 model's and plug them right in? or would i have to convert them over?

kenza 01-11-2013 05:45 PM

If you manage to get oem xenon headlight assemblies (not the adaptive ones), you would just need to code your car with that option and the rest would be plug and play.

If you get the adaptive ones, things get much more complicated....

Let me know if you have additional questions...

Artemis 01-12-2013 12:05 AM

here in the UK ..
.. with a 2008 X3 2.0dSE, things are more complicated.

The bixenon headlight housings can be found at specialist autoparts suppliers ( for much less than BMW's retail :bigpimp:), for both the adaptive front lighting and the non-adaptive versions, however you also need the specific BMW oe fitting/installation kit (adaptive or non-adaptive) as well as vehicle recoding.

I'm currently going through this with my X3 - as the original halogens were so bad I tried a canbus-friendly HID low beam upgrade. I also had the headlamp washer unit retrofitted as here in the UK its a legal requirement with HID lights on cars :dunno: I'm not happy with the end result - its an improvement over the halogens, of course, but I appear to have lost the ability to adjust the throw using the dial in the cabin.

Consequently I've gone for the BMW bixenon upgrade.- as I said above I've located the headlamps ( non-adaptive ) at a specialist parts supplier and have ordered the BMW retrofit kit ( part # 63130443702 ) for non-adaptive xenons which comes with the lights & ballasts, the level sensor, additional mounting components, manual level adjuster rods - so hopefully the cabin dial will work once more - and the installation & fitting instructions.

Once they're all in place they will still need to be recoded so all the work is being done by my local BMW independents, Munich Legends, who are well known and respected here in the UK. I have to be kept away from sharp objects as far as DIY is concerned.

My first post, incidentally. HTH.

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