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kbeamer 01-13-2013 06:50 AM

What would pay?
I current have an 2002 BMW 330ci with 116k while visiting my local bmw dealer on Friday to pick up a new key and came across an 05 BMW m3 fully loaded getting ready to go to auction on Wednesday. It has 86k the car is in amazing shape and they had it listed at 17k and haven't been able to sell it and did not want to do repairs if there was no buyer. The owner of bmw has advised me straight up it has an oil leak( unsure where its coming from till tech relooks at car) and needs back breaks and rotors. It also needs two back tires. What would you offer for it knowing its headed to auction and what néeds repaired? Car is blue with grey seats and manual. I'll know more about previous ownership Monday.

Since I own this same body style I know what I am getting into mostly. I have read the wiki and understand the risk. If the price is right I will be adding this one to my fleet and later down the road sell my 330ci when I take delivery of my 2013 328M package.

Kbb runs this car price at retail. 21,255 and private 17,755
Nada:: $$21975

I do a lot of my own work but the thing that worries me is the oil leak. I can do the brakes, rotors and tire change. Would you buy it for a lower price as is?

Or request the dealer fixes the issues an buy for listing price at 17k and have a warranty added? I have no warranty on my 02. Was looking into extended warranties for the m3, has anyone else got one? Are they worth it in your opinion.

What would you offer on this car?? Btw: car is royal blue(dark)::grey seats: fully loaded: 18 or 19 inch tires they are staggered. No dings,dents or curb rash from what I could see. They wouldn't let me drive it till monday(tomorrow).

Can't wait to hear some responses with some numbers. If you've bought on recently that lines up with this one throw me numbers

Thanks Kaitland :)

itscoo2pyopants 02-05-2013 10:11 PM

Skip it and find another one. Color combo is not desirable and looks like it'll be a headache. You can find a decent priced well maintained example for a similar price. Stay away from gray seats, had them on my 330ci, they do not age very well.

Take your time and look for the right one. If its leaking oil the previous owner did not take very good care of it. Usually used car lots get the cars that people want to get rid of for various problems. Who knows what else is wrong with it. But that's just my .02

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