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luckydawg07 01-13-2013 07:05 AM

Crazy car (fairly long and confusing)
Hi everyone, I have a 1994 530i and loved it until now. Yestarday I took off the power steering resivor to fix a leaky hose. Being the neat freak that I am after re-installing the hose I got some degreaser and sprayed the frame and around the area to wash off the fluid and grime. I allowed it to sit over night and today started it up, sounds like death. So I took off the covers to the plugs and of coarse water was in there, so i dried it out and re assembled everything. Still sounds terrible. I thought to drive it down the road to let the heat dry it but it has no power, so little it will hardly shift gears. When i returned home it sounded like a race car, loud and popping backfires. I laid down and it sounded like popping and sucking around the catalytic converter. I thought the catalytic converters, coincedence maybe. So I hit them with a hammer a few times and the popping and sucking went away for the most part but still, no power at all. I turned it off and locked it up. I went to the parts store to buy some plugs,just to see. Now it will not unlock. It has one key hole on the drivers side and then the trunk, nothing. I just put the battery in a few months ago so it isnt that. I have the two crazy looking keys is all. Anyone have any ideas on getting it open first, engine second or buying it third.... :mad:

luckydawg07 01-13-2013 07:17 AM

****update**** I got in, srayed some wd40 in key hole, now if the rest was that easy. Started it up and smell alot of gas when I turn it off so hope the plugs are bad...........

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