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hh3uunp 01-13-2013 03:53 PM

Is the OEM wide screen sat nav any good?
I was looking at a m5 on craigslist and it had sat nav. I was wondering if it is any good. I did a quick search and it was mostly just people wanting to retrofit it.

Dking078 01-13-2013 08:20 PM


It looks good, considering E39 interior styling.
Does it function well? Meh... BMW navs suck big time when it comes to inputing a random address (at least it does on idrive).. Even my Iphone can go from input to navigation faster than a BMW.
The nav layout is a bit dated if you're running a pre-V32 software on the computer. I do like the split screen directions and map adjustability. IMO MKIV with V32 software makes the nav bareable.

Is it a good retrofit? Not worth the $$$
Is it nice to have when you buy a bmw? Yea, some people use it, and as parts, for some stupid reason, it's worth $$$.

The dynivan unit is supposedly a good alternative, but it still doesn't look good in an E39 IMO.

ALL M5's in the USA have navigation as standard.

Flybot 01-14-2013 03:52 AM

I had the MK IV in my M5. It works and has some good features. But it is a pain to use sometimes without a touch screen. If a car comes with it, great. But not worth it to retrofit, IMO.

Joelgk 01-14-2013 05:09 AM

I am still to come across any HU OE replacement for the E39 with DSP. Neither Dynavin or Eunon has it, so where do we upgrade when pixels start to fail and if I want to keep the OE type look? I wonder...

DennisCooper! 01-14-2013 05:23 PM


hh3uunp - is the oem satnav setup any good? - that's open to different viewpoints. To owners who *must* have the oem look in the dash then it is 'good'. To those who want modern techynology without having to spend significant amounts buying add-on interfaces or retrofitting looms and modules etc which could turn out to be faulty or become faulty, then the oem setup is not good.

Joelgk - There is nothing from the aftermarket premium brands which directly replace the oem audio setups in the E39's simply because when these cars were new, the vast majority of owners didn't want upgraded audio fitted etc, so demand was very low for anything to be developed. It's only been a couple of years the cheap chinese replacements have been available for the the E39. Those units are hit and miss for the quality aspects. When pixels fail, modules fail, amplifiers crap out, CD changers go kaput, monitors backlights give up etc etc on the oem modules, the only options are to replace with other similarly aged units that are currently working or, see if any of the fixes which are available work to make your unit's operable again.

Cheers, Dennis!

hh3uunp 01-14-2013 06:13 PM

I don't like touch screens in cars because it is very distracting.

Reason behind this.

I drove a Lexus with a touch screen hated having to really focus on where your finger is vs the idrive where you get that tactile response I felt like I wasn't nearly has distracted. I think this is because a touch screen makes you focus on hitting a small area while you are driving on a semi bouncy road is a lot more distracting than just turning a knob check the screen. Basically BMW knows what they're doing when it comes to navigation and distracted driving.

DennisCooper! 01-15-2013 12:06 PM


I agree with you on the having to look at a touchscreen and potentially distracting. However on the flip side.. the premium brand companies spend a lot of money in R&D into developing good user interfaces for when having to select features 'directly' on the touchscreen or, on some of the hard buttons on an aftermarket head unit. They're then evaluated and tested at the same places where the OEM manufacturers get their systems tested at etc. They have to pass tests and safety related aspects prior to being allowed to be sold etc. At that point, aftermarket and oem systems are at a fairly equal footing. Add to that you can get steering wheel interfaces to control the some of the most often control functions, it further reduces distraction and this is evident on oem and aftermarket audio setups.

Common sense then plays a big part, trying to adjust bass and treble controls, or adjusting your crossover frequency etc on a after market head unit whilst driving is down to the sensibility of the driver. 'Most' drivers won't do that whilst driving and will pull over if it's *really* that important. The ones who take a risk can or will have chances of being distracted for sure, but then a driver in a totally oem level car could be distracted by a child in the back seat, and still cause an incident.

Cheers, Dennis!

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