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s-thetikz 01-14-2013 10:43 AM

PICS: Post your Navi setup!
Unless you're part of the few that get OEM navi's, I know that many of us E39's face cluttered navigation setups with external units- I was wondering what type of setups you guys went with.

I'm looking to get a navi for my mother's e39, and want something clean.

DennisCooper! 01-14-2013 05:16 PM

Alpine iXA 407 BT mechless head unit, built in Parrot bluetooth hands free mobile phone kit, iPod control built in and a host of other head unit features. Lumidock for an iPod dock shown as well. It just plugs into the Alpine head unit with a lead that came with it.

Cheers, Dennis!

Coochie_Bandit 01-14-2013 06:46 PM

Dennis.. I want.. Your steering wheel.

Is that alcantara?

hh3uunp 01-15-2013 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by DennisCooper! (Post 7313463)

Alpine iXA 407 BT mechless head unit, built in Parrot bluetooth hands free mobile phone kit, iPod control built in and a host of other head unit features. Lumidock for an iPod dock shown as well. It just plugs into the Alpine head unit with a lead that came with it.

Cheers, Dennis!

I can't stand touch screens. Looks good though

DennisCooper! 01-15-2013 11:55 AM


Coochie bandit - Yes, it's a genuine E46 M3 CSL steering wheel I upgraded to about 4+ years ago. The alcantara has worn at the 3 o clock position quite a lot, but it is now about 9/10 years old! I have an excellent retrimmer here who's done many UK enthusiasts steering wheels and I'll have mine done from him at some point soon.

hh3uunp - 'Most' E39 (and other BMW) owners *only want oem* which I fully understand. Issue is technology moves at a rapid pace and the oem E39 audio setups are now very outdated. I personally prefer function over form so I don't *have to have oem looks* in the dash so I gain all the advantages of current and future technology :)

Cheers, Dennis!

NZ BMW 01-16-2013 01:27 AM


Originally Posted by hh3uunp (Post 7314725)
I can't stand touch screens. Looks good though

Better go back to 2001 then, because we live in a world of touch screens. My office is currently changing over to Windows 8 tablets even.

Your options for Nav are:

OEM - retrofit or existing

Aftermarket - Dynavin or similar

Aftermarket like the one above

GPS or smartphone on the dash.

I just use my phone. I think the best option would be either OEM or retrofit bluetooth and use a phone so you could have voice control or stream the directions via the stereo.

Joelgk 01-16-2013 03:03 AM

DennisCooper, this is an interesting set up and would like to know if this can be done to my car as well. I do notice that you do not have steering wheel controls and hence different from mine. If I were to replace my existing DSP HU, would your set up work and how do I control through the steering wheel buttons? Do you have any instructions on how to install what you did? Wold the CD system work with this set up in addition to the iPod?

Thanks in advance..

Great job and nice looks too..

hh3uunp 01-16-2013 01:58 PM

When I said I hate touch screens I meant trying to use a touch screen when trying to drive. Takes too much focus.

I completely agree with you when you say technology is moving so fast that the OEM nav is out of date. I think all aftermarket navs are out of date now because you can just use your iphone. I forget the name of the rule but it says that technology Doubles every 18 months which is unbelieveable

DennisCooper! 01-16-2013 04:58 PM


Joelgk - The premium brand head units will often have a steering wheel controls interface in the accessories part of their product lineups. Check to see if whichever head unit you shortlist to buy has one. If not, then the aftermarket brands like Paser and PAC offer interfaces as well. My steering wheel is a genuine E46 M3 CSL item, and as I don't mind reaching over less than one foot away from the steering wheel, I saved the extra costs of the interface. If you *must* have steering controls, then the front of these later M Sport steering wheels come off easily by loosening 4 screws, and the upper and lower parts split from each other. You could then pickup the part with the steering wheel controls and fit that. Most steering wheels offered for sale on classifieds and ebay etc are with the controls anyway - not many CSL wheels come up ;) - I also have a upper piece with no buttons at all for a totally clean look and I might fit that up. My setup has zero oem components in, I always go for high quality audio components and oem modules dont' provide anywhere near the performance level I like. A good quality aftermarket head unit like I've shown in my car above can be fitted to any E39. I always recommend using aftermarket amplifiers and speakers to maximise the benefit of the upgrade. If you want to try and integrate some oem modules with aftermarket, you generally then start to run into headaches or just plain can't be done. I have no CD player, all my music is on the iPod there, which just plugs into the head unit - no pricey oem to iPod adaptors needed!

hh3uunp - but, I don't have an iPhone! ;) - But yes, for my GPS requirements I use a free app called 'Waze' on my HTC android smartphone and it works well enough for me and you can't argue with the 'free' price tag!In techy circles, especially in computing you're referring to Moore's law ;) - the next gen of oem incar audio and electronics is/could be gesture based, eye movement tracking based and large 15/17 inch portrait orientation touch/widescreens ! ;) - by 2025, cars will be thought controlled !! after that, the finishing touches to the Star Trek Transporter will be complete !

Cheers, Dennis!

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