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Norcal325 01-14-2013 12:02 PM

Guibo and CSB question
Hey I have a 95 325is with 134k. I am experiencing a thump from the rear every time i shift gears (used to only be intermittent), and recently i get a shuddering/thumping from the gearbox area when trying to take off uphill. I also experience a faint "Whurrrrrrr" rotational noise (sounds like a pidgeon) from 2100-2800 rpms, coming from the back seat also. Also when I abruptly take my foot off the gas at low speeds (like in bumper to bumper traffic) the car jerks back and forth a bit. Could this be engine and tranny mounts? or can this also be a drivetrain problem?

I got under the car and took a look at my guibo, and it doesn't seem that bad at all, but i dont think its ever been replaced, and I couldn't really get to my CSB. I have a couple questions.

Is it likely that the csb and guibo are the culprits? I've also read that worn diff bushings can cause this. The 2 rear diff bushings looked ok but I couldnt see the other one on the front of the diff.

Also I read in many DIY's that exaust bolts and gaskets will need to be changed, but none specify which bolts and gaskets. I've seen exhaust hardware kits, but they come with the brackets and cost around 100$, and I feel that's a lot for some bolts and gaskets.

If anyone could be so kind and point out, using these charts, which bolts and gaskets I should replace, I would greatly appreciate it.

mgoods50 01-14-2013 12:31 PM

If the CSB is bad enough to clunk around, you could feel it by moving with your hand. Transmission mounts and motor mounts are easily seen from the bottom and top, respectfully-- but if one is broken completely, it would not present itself while standing still under weight. Slip a jack in there and take some of the weight off slightly... see if you can move any of them. You'll need a bottle jack for the motor mounts (I think I'm remembering correctly-- might be an E38- so check this yourself before buying any new tools).

Is your car an automatic? Shuddering is sometimes due to low fluid in the transmission. I'd check that level before dropping any exhaust. Three studs per manifold / exhaust tube & three nuts-- along with ... I think 12 copper nuts is what you need. A lot of patience, penetrant, and impact tools are your friend when dealing with rusted exhaust stuff.

EDIT: reading your post again... the "whuur" sound is most likely oil starvation (in the transmission), and would explain hesitation to get going. On a hill, the pickup is sucking air more so than oil-- thus the whuur sound. You probably have a leak somewhere in the transmission.

petriej 01-14-2013 03:56 PM

It's Giubo.

You shouldn't have to take the manifold off to remove the exhaust.

I would check your rear suspension before anything else. Rear Shock Mounts, Rear Trailing Arm Bushings, your bearings might be the cause of the 'whir'.

In fact. Read this:

jonesin 01-14-2013 04:56 PM

Guibo is only the word in common usage, so has theoretically become correct. ;)

petriej 01-14-2013 09:55 PM

Don't give me common usage crap. Following that logic the word "you're" (a contraction of you are) will be turned into "your" because of common usage. As someone who might appreciate the "Queen's English" I find it hard to believe you would accept such a thing...

jonesin 01-14-2013 09:57 PM

Well, since I'm forced to accept such bastardizations as gray, honor, favorite, and anything else that skips the letter U, I feel it just that others accept words in common usage too.

john kaminski 01-17-2013 02:07 PM

FYI you don't need to take off any exhaust bolts to change the "flex disc". Just take off the muffler and exhaust pipe mounts - easy enough- and the exhaust will drop far enough to let you drop the drive shaft enough to remove the flex disc.

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