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RSimms 01-16-2013 10:43 AM

Resync the door?
Hi to all in Bimmerfest!
I have been a reader for over two years on this site. Never found a reason to join because all my ?'s where here and answered. I have an 01 X5 3.0 5sp manny tranny and up to now have only had routine maintenance issues, until now.
Here in the St. Louis cold I managed to snap off my door handle carrier ( pass front), no problem I called and got one deliverd. I installed with no known surprises until I tried to operate the window from the drivers side door console. NOTHING! Then I tried the central locking system, all doors would operate except the passenger front. Now, the window does operate from the door panel(pass front), the puddle light comes on as does the rest of the interior lighting. The other thing I noticed is that the window switch light doesn't come on when the lights are on. I have no side view mirror adjustment or defrost on that door.
I have tried to resyc the key fob, works great on three doors. pass front nothing.
I disconnected the battery for 1 hour, no change
Lock to Lock, no change :dunno:
There was a laps of a week between the time I disassembled the door and installed the new part.
I will be totally honest, I didn't disconnect the battery when I replaced the door carrier. I needed some tunes.:bawling:
Is there a way to resync the door back to the vehicle?
Thanks and I enjoy the wealth of knowledge on this site.

QSilver7 01-16-2013 12:54 PM

Sounds like you may not have gotten everything plugged back in correctly. The driver's master window switch (switch block module) communicates to the passenger's window (door module) through the GM (general module) over the P-Bus. If everything is plugged in correctly...then look at your GM:

RSimms 01-16-2013 02:27 PM

QSilver, thanks for the help! It's about 40f today and i have extra door clips so I'll pull it back off and double check all connections.
Oh BTW those are some sweet rides! I am going to upload this weekend.

RSimms 01-16-2013 05:57 PM

Ok folks I took off the door panel and the wiring is tight and correct.I did notice that you can operate the window at anytime. No key door open or closed. In addition I noticed a small led light taped to the wiring appears to be original. I think I will try a door module first thanks!

OzzyX5 01-16-2013 07:03 PM

Hi there,
I have a 2005 3.0d,
I removed the front pass door trim for some repair, after reasembling the windows and lock wouldn't work. I removed the trim again and checked the connections, looked good, tried the window and lock before fully asambling the trim, they didn't work.
I disconnected the plugs and reconnected, this time they all worked fine, assembled the trim and checked , all good.
Don't know why it didn't work but it does now so I'm happy with that.
Hope this may help.

RSimms 09-13-2013 08:47 PM

OK X5 Fans I just had to send a quick reply to let you know that I fixed the door issue. when I took it apart it was St. Louis crazy cold and a few of the well engineered plastic parts cracked and broke. One of the parts that broke was the holding clip for the p-bus wiring. long story short the p-bus will go into the socket both ways. YUP BOTH WAYS!!! If you install it the way it looks to puzzle you will get the same problems I encountered, Pass door switch will operate the window anytime, no mirror adjust or mirror heat, no central locking on pass door, no window operation at driver switch for pass door. hope this helps.....

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