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demas 01-23-2013 05:46 AM

After three E39's
After three E39's and 12 years - with the last 4 being the most painful - I finally put in my order for the F10.

While I am looking forward to it, I don't feel as excited as I thought I would be. Have been back and forth with the dealer since last December, moved into a new place and gave up (thankfully) on the E60 M5 idea.

I've certainly had my share of issues especially with the M62 variant (hint to some of you noobs) and pure joy all mixed in one. Nevertheless, there always is a last chapter - it's just a matter of how long the book is.

I feel proud and privileged to mark my name up there on that long list of fortunate drivers who can say they experienced living with one of BMW's best ever conceived. I equally would feel the same way in continuing to post here.

While it's a little somber..

damn, I'm looking forward to it.;)

mpower997 01-23-2013 06:42 AM

:yikes::thumbup: Congrats

tmvE39/E53/Z32 01-23-2013 07:05 AM


Nline6 01-23-2013 08:33 AM

Sweet! well said. This is my second E39. Probably my last though.

FLE39 01-23-2013 09:45 AM

E39's are getting awfully old... everything has it's time. I remember when you would see quite a few MK2 Supras on the road. I haven't seen one in almost a decade. I had 2 of them up til 2007. Again, one of Toyotas best cars ever. Same with the E39's.... very respected, game changing platform. To me, I can't see in 2-3yrs when my E39 has 200k getting another. I'll go newer, but still used BMW. Kudos on the F. Should be a nice new car. Least you didn't go get a FWD VW, I mean Audi.

IndiansFan 01-23-2013 10:05 AM

I heard a rumor that Alpinweiss is the only color you can get on a F10 delivered to Tokyo................:rofl:

Congratulations :thumbup:

champaign777 01-23-2013 11:40 AM

these cars dump expensive
i think 2008 550i can be a nice upgrade and in half of F10 550i price

540nj 01-23-2013 11:44 AM


Congrats on your purchase, I have seen many nice examples at the dealer while buying e39 parts lately. 6 series GT looks nice also!

03 540i6

DennisCooper! 01-23-2013 12:53 PM

Hi Demas,

Just to whet your appetite a little more....

The Sport variant wasn't released when these cars were modified, so with a Sport variant, the effect if you modify will be even better ;)

Cheers, Dennis!

MartinV 01-23-2013 03:09 PM

You should do a picture spread before you get rid of it. If you can do a photoshoot with both cars, that would be awesome!!!! :thumbup:

Good luck with your new ride, been following your car for a while. :)

gibo58 01-23-2013 10:39 PM

That F10 looks fantastic demas, imo the only decent looking BMW 5 series since the E39:thumbup:

I will be holding onto my 03 E39 until I can afford an F10, so that makes it about 2020:(

Congrats and enjoy.

NoWayJose 01-23-2013 11:12 PM

wow i'm jealous :bow: :beerchug:

SmartSolution 01-24-2013 01:21 AM

F10 looks awesome. Much better and bolder looking than e60. Definetely on my wish list too.

Congrats! :thumbup:

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BigCo540i 01-24-2013 06:35 AM

I love those huge kidneys on the F10...u lucky dog!

ncmallard78 01-24-2013 09:19 AM

are you trading in the e39? what are they going to give you for it?

Good luck! I always admired your car, and appreciated your OCD attention to detail.

Ltmax 01-24-2013 06:28 PM

That's funny, I went backwards from a 2011 F10 to a 07 750I (that my wife fell in love with and claimed as her own) and then wound up buying two 02 540I's just a few months apart.

I made the mistake of getting a 528I F10 and just couldn't ever get used to the non-linear throttle on the 2011, 18k mile oil change intervals, and super soft easily bent alloy wheels that required a separate wheel insurance policy was crazy to me.

Must admit though that they do look really sweet inside and out, drive even better than the E39's and are whisper quiet inside with tons of really cool options.

Good luck and hope you get many years of fun out of yours!

16valex 01-24-2013 07:01 PM

Congrats man! F10 sure looks sweet!!

After having 2 E39 I'm still looking for my third E39 :eeps:

champaign777 01-24-2013 07:37 PM

alex dont do it
leave some time for kids dude

SmartSolution 01-24-2013 09:07 PM

Ok I'm on my first e39. I sure would like another one or an x5 3.0 with the m54 engine. What's so painful about them? The F10 sure is gorgeus and I am a big fan. Congrats again. But you get threads where many will say the e39 is a blast to own and drive especially if you can DIY while here the OP describes it as painful. What gives? I love mine so far! Is there pain ahead? :confused:

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16valex 01-24-2013 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by champaign777 (Post 7336292)
alex dont do it
leave some time for kids dude

Igor! Seriously!! Are you mad?!! Don't worry the third E39 is going to be very hard to find..:)

nsx 01-24-2013 10:44 PM


Originally Posted by BM109R (Post 7336519)
What gives? I love mine so far! Is there pain ahead? :confused:

I think it is hit-or-miss. I have had mine for 12 months / 25k miles. First year maintenance was $1100, spent on oil, cooling system, FSU, MAF, front pads and light bulbs. That is a reasonable list for a 12 year old car with 175k miles IMO. Maybe I got lucky? :dunno: I was expecting to spend 3x that amount.

demas 01-25-2013 07:44 AM

Thanks for all the responses. From a design perspective I feel it's definitely the evolution of the E39 but I will have to comment later on the handling. And it will be Alpinweiss M-sport - I'd have it no other way. :p

Dennis, nice pics (minus the black wheels!)

I guess my bespoke Intravee II Alpine setup will need a new home if anyone is interested.

LaCrosse540i6 01-25-2013 09:15 PM

So does this mean your style 32's are for sale? :D

demas 01-28-2013 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by LaCrosse540i6 (Post 7338998)
So does this mean your style 32's are for sale? :D

you mean these?

sure. local pick up only;)

IndiansFan 01-28-2013 10:21 AM

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Originally Posted by demas (Post 7331840)

damn, I'm looking forward to it.;)

I like it, reminds me of something I've seen before..........

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