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dalto 01-26-2013 10:06 PM

2013 135is vs 335is
I currently have a 2008 135i with the M sports package(or whatever it was called in 2008).

I like my 135i for the most part but with it had some additional features such as comfort entry, navigation and ipod integration.

Been doing a little looking and it doesn't seem there is that much difference in lease price between the 135is and the 335is due to the differences in residual value.

I went to the dealership today to see what they had and ended up driving a 335is and a 135i because they didn't have the 135is on the lot.

I am still pretty torn after driving both cars because there were pros and cons to both. Also, since I did not actually drive the 135is I am merely speculating what it would be like.

Here are my thoughts after the test drives.

The 135i seemed a lot more nimble and responsive. However, my biggest concern here is that is just not that different than the car I have now. I mean there are clearly some improvements but very, very similar. Not sure how different the 135is is but I am not expect a huge difference.

The 335is was nice. Much smoother than the 135i and more comfortable but not quite as much fun to drive. Also, I know it is a small thing but the cup-holder bothers me because I usually have a small bottle of water with me and I am fairly certain it will fall out of the cup-holder.

At the end of the day, both were nice cars but I am torn on which I prefer.

So I thought I would reach out to the experts here and get opinions on which you prefer and why.

thumper_330 01-28-2013 09:29 AM

I test drove a 335is before I got my 135i... and honestly it came down in the end to the fun factor. Although the 135i (and by extension the 135is) is a smaller car and definitely a little more "rough and ready" when it comes to sound deadening and ride, I definitely found it more lively and fun.

I've not driven the 135is yet, but I imagine it's pretty similar to my 2012 135i but with more power. So differences you may or may not be aware of;
  • The 135is uses the N55 instead of the N54 in the 335is. This might not be a big deal, but is significant if your intent is to mod the car for even more power. Your car also has the N54... the N55 has (in my opinion) a smoother and more linear power band, but also cannot be modified for more power. Your current 135i can make more power than a 135is...
  • The suspension in the 135i was changed in 2011 and rides significantly different to the previous models. The fun is still there, but the ride is more compliant. I don't know for sure but I believe the 135is has the same suspension as the normal 135i.
  • If you want or currently have an automatic, the dual-clutch is actually a pretty damned good auto transmission. Not quite as involving as a stick, but pretty darned close and fun in its own right.

Hope that helps... the 335is also a great car, but I just found the 135i more of a "grin-factor" car, and the 335is just wasn't worth paying the price of a Hyundai over the 135i for another inch of legroom in the back for me :)

Oh... and the cup holder works great actually, presuming you mean the one that's off to the side of the center console when you have iDrive. The center console ones are OK but I prefer to have an arm rest... I have bottles of water often in mine and drive like a maniac... works great :)

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