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ztitans1 01-27-2013 02:42 PM

E39 Front Blowout - Multiple issues with car
Let me know what you guys think. I have a RF bearing out. I was thinking maybe it was serviceable without replacing the entire assembly but I surmise that is not the case.

The issue started with what I thought was brake noise. I had a blowout on my RF wheel last night (heading to the parts store to buy pads). Today I started removing the brakes & rotor which both required servicing, then found the bearing was noisy as well.

It is amazing how many layers of repair you find that need to be done with every little project. From this tear down I can see the need for the following:

1) Need to rebuild the front suspension - shocks and other components (thrust arm, control arm, tierod ends, bushings, etc). Shocks are leaking fluid.
2) Replace brake pads
3) Turn rotors
4) replace front bearing hub assemblies
5) Go back and hopefully get tire replaced for free.
6) Rob bank to pay for repairs (not necessarily in that order).

Do any of you think any of these issues could have resulted in a blow out of a tire that is relatively new (about 6 months and scarcesly 6 k miles on them). The intire inner side wall has come separated from the rest of the tire. I am really struggling to keep up on the maintenance of this car and am getting very frustrated with it.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

Fudman 01-27-2013 03:18 PM

Doubtful. How many miles are on your car? If over 100K, that is your answer for the cause of 1-4.

ztitans1 01-27-2013 10:25 PM

Yes I have all the miles...
I am at about 155k miles on this '97 E39. I tell you what, the engine and transmission run great. The rest of the car is falling apart. I am thnking of chopping it down into a dune buggy.

I have done the following repairs on this car over the past 1-2 years: :)

1) door handle broke on me a few months ago (fixed w/ wrecking yard part),
2) power steering leaks (cut hose ends and put new clamps for now)
3) brake jobs (twice)
4) Front Hub Bearing Assembly - today driver's side.
5) Flex disc
6) Transmission filter and fluid change
7) VCGs
8) CCV
9) A/C selenoid (twice).
10) A/C fan replacement
11) Pull out and clean Speed Sensor (car would not shift).
12) Repair of Wipers - (would not park - removed cleaned and reassembled wiper motor).

Aside from these repairs, normal maintenance such as oil changes, air filters, etc.

The list of things to do is almost equally long: :mad:

1) Overhaul both front & rear suspension.
2) Fix both driver's side windows motor/regulators.
3) Fix sunroof (gets stuck and difficult to completely close).
4) Seal windshield.
5) Repair glove box door (handle broke off).
6) Fix tool box in trunk lid (screw broke off).
7) Replace shocks for trunk lid (Won't stay up - using piece of PVC pipe).
8) Stereo needs to be upgraded from factory (presets don't work half the time).
9) Driver's door back twists (researched this). Leather also tearing.
10) Fix dents in hood & rear passenger door and re-paint.

Part of me wants to get rid of the car and part of me says I know what I got. I think I will keep it and it will be a hand me down for my kid when she is old enough to drive. I won't get enough for it if I tried to sell it in its current condition and I could spend easily $2-$3000 to do everything I want to do. For that I could buy another one of these cars.

This is my 3rd 5 series I have owned and I am used to working on them so that helps keep the ownership costs down.

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