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Bimmerfan84 01-31-2013 06:03 PM

Super annoying noise!!!!
My 1995 525i just started whining from underneath the dash. Sounds like it is to the lower right of the radio. It comes on when I turn the key on and continues for a while even after the key is off and pulled out of the ignition. If I hit the dash it changes tone slightly. Any ideas?

TemporarySanity 01-31-2013 06:49 PM

Sounds like a leaf has gotten into the blower fan.

nwilson44 01-31-2013 06:56 PM

Return fuel pump or heater pumping fluid back?

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Bimmerfan84 02-01-2013 02:53 AM

I thought maybe the fan but I can turn the fan completely off and it still makes noise. And the noise doesn't change as I increase fan speed. It is definitely something in the dash. It almost sounds like the fan on an older lap top whirring at top speed.

zfxpE34 02-01-2013 06:01 AM

Does it pulsate? if so I have the same noise.

BMR_LVR 02-01-2013 07:35 AM

Here's a long shot (well, maybe not so much). There is a very small fan that is part of the climate control unit (the unit with the three knobs for regulating temperature, fan speed and vent control). It is designed to draw air in the little slots on the panel and then over a sensor that tells the climate control what the air temperature in the cabin is. The fan is part of the unit itself and can be replaced, but it is easier to just get an entire climate control panel from a pick & pull. If this fan is on its way out, it may be making the noise.

Place your ear as close to the slots in the climate control panel as you can and see if the sound is emanating from there.

By the way, I have a complete spare climate control panel and a second climate control panel in parts. I do have the little fan of which I speak separately in this one. The complete unit doesn't look new and hopefully would function fine.

The history on that is that my climate control unit was acting rather wonky and the bulbs went out on it. I went to a pick and pull and got a panel. Then I looked at another junker and it had the second type of panel, and I didnít know which one mine had, so I snagged them both. I had to have the heater core replaced, so I gave my spare unit to my mechanic and he put in the spare. It works perfectly :D and there was no labor to install the new panel since he had to remove it anyway to replace my heater core :D:D

I kept the old one just to take apart and look at things, hence its state of disassembly which allows the fan motor to be immediately accessible.

There are at least two different units in the E34 series. You can tell the difference in the two by removing the unit and looking at the back of the unit at the actuator for the foot area vent slide. One style is cable operated (my 92 is) and the other is electronically operated (which is the complete unit that I still have).

Thus, I have the one that the foot vent control is controlled electronically. I would be happy to send it to you for cheaps (say $20 plus shipping). If you just need the fan, I will send it to you for just the cost of shipping.

So, see if that is where the noise is coming from. If it is the fan, then I can either send you just the tiny fan motor (if your unit uses a cable to control the foot vent) or the entire unit if yours is the one with the electronically controlled foot vent.

Just let me know if that's where the noise is cominig from and if I can help out with the parts.

Bimmerfan84 02-01-2013 10:40 AM

Thank you! I will pull it out this evening and look at it and let you know!

Microtesties 02-01-2013 06:21 PM

I have a similar problem with my 1990 525i. Sometimes while driving a strange groaning/whirring sound comes from the dash seemingly right behind the radio. The sound varies with engine RPM and usually stops after a second or two after I let off the throttle (or maybe it really only lasts that long and I just do that instinctively). I can't find any pattern with it, seems to happen at completely random times. It's quite infrequent and short lived so I've just been ignoring it.

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