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mylifeasapc 02-12-2013 12:24 AM

Shopping for an M5?: Here is every E39 M5 for Sale <$20k Nationwide
This is repost from M5boards but thought it might help a few of you. I know there are a lot of prospective E39 M5 buyers out there so I thought I'd share my spreadsheet with information on every single one I've been able to find across the country over the past few weeks.

I'll update this weekly until I pull the trigger...which will be soon

Search Engines Used:
Forums- Here/Bimmerfest/etc.
and a few others

Information Included:
Color: Exterior and Interior
# of Owners
# of Accidents
Vehicle History - Maintenance Records and Vehicle Origin
Known Upgrades and Mods
Seller Information
Original Source Link

How to use:
The spreadsheet is already in filter mode.
I've color coded the scoring system in the red columns (T-Y) with a final scoring total in column (Z).
Simply use the column drop downs to adjust to your needs.

*Please keep in mind that I don't have VINs for many of these which is why the spread is so great. The cars with less information on their history are penalized for not getting the ownership/accident bonuses. They're ghosts for now.

Current Board Members Selling:
Let me apologize in advance as I may have come across your local listings on Craigslist or elsewhere and don't have complete details. I haven't had a chance to go through the classifieds here as it can be difficult to tell whether your vehicle has sold or not through multiple pages. Feel free to contact me with any details about your car. This list is meant to be completely objective in the details and slightly subjective in the ranking system. I simply want to provide any and all listings as I continue my search. I only skimmed the listings so please pardon any misinformation I may have as I merely wanted to get a basis for my search. If my information is incorrect or if you have further records/details you'd like added please let me know and we'll get them in there for anyone that may find use in this list.

See the full listing and updates here.

2/11/2013 Update:
99 models
Color Coded: Exterior/Interior
Vehicle History
Links to Vehicle Listing
Public Contact Info.
Updated Scoring Metrics
Contacted all sellers without VINs about their listings

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