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dsduncans 02-21-2013 10:06 AM

On Board Computer Resets
While resetting the oil service indicator, I inadvertently must have changed my heating from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Does anyone know how to reset back to C.

QSilver7 02-21-2013 06:59 PM

1. press & hold the left button on the cluster while...
2. turning the ignition from OFF to POSITION 1, then
3. turn the ignition back to OFF
4. now release the left button.

The next time you turn the ignition on...the temperature scale will have changed. If you follow the steps above (press & hold the button first & continue to hold it until complete with step 4)...the trip odometer will keep the mileage it displayed prior to changing the temp scale and NOT reset back to zero.

dsduncans 02-23-2013 02:32 PM

Hey thanks for the info. It appears there are various codes/resets which I found when mucking around and trying to find the right combination of buttons and key positions. Especially when holding down the right button, I noticed 20 NR codes that I have no idea what they affect. Also just noticed I lost the useage of my on board computer display on the dash so if you are aware of other useful tips I would greatly appreciate you passing them on.

QSilver7 02-23-2013 03:29 PM

Help us help you better by creating a signature that has your model/model year/build date. There are multiple models, engines, transmissions, options, etc that are different from 2000-2006 and identifying what you have helps us answer your questions specifically. Just as in this case, you're wanting to know about the instrument cluster. Well, there are 2 different clusters, and also there's the MID or Nav monitor set-up. The answer to your questions may be different based on how your X5 is help us to help you better by creating a signature (click the USER CP link at top of page) and by identifying your "option" set-up when there's multiple choices. :)

Yes, there are multiple features that are not in the owners manual. Be careful "mucking around" without any info as to what your might change something that may be difficult to reconfigure since you're winging it without knowing what you're winging. :)

1. You've found out how to change the temp scale by holding the left button etc.
2. You've also found out how to reset the SI display by holding the left button, too.
3. There are instructions on how to UNLOCK your OBC (need to know if you have the HIGH cluster or the LOW cluster to give you instructions). There are 20 Tests that give access to stuff "behind the scenes" that were'nt actually meant for the normal owner.
4. If you have the 20 digit alpha/numeric display in your instrument cluster...that would be the HIGH CLUSTER...and that display has first priority to the Check Control system. The main display for the OBC is either the MID or the Nav monitor. You can program the OBC features to appear in the instrument can choose all or just the ones your want. See the instructions below if you have the MID set-up. If you have onBoard Nav, the instructions are the same except you choose & set the programming using the Nav monitor instead of the MID.

Again, the display in the instrument cluster belongs to the Check Control System, so if you get a priority 1 warning, any OBC features will be wiped from the display until it is fixed. If you get a priority 2 warning, an OBC feature display will be wiped out, but you can press the RIGHT button on the cluster to clear a priority 2 warning, then press the turn indicator stalk's BC button to scroll through the OBC features programmed. If you loose electrical power, the programming will be wiped out and you'll have to reprogram the OBC features:

dsduncans 02-23-2013 04:54 PM

My '01 X5 4.4 does not have the NAV setup on dash, just basic music/phone/mileage info in middle of dash by CD which I believe is the MID? I also have the signal light OBC button to display info above the steering wheel beneath odometer reading line which is what I am missing at present and would like to get back.
Not sure I fully understand High vs Low cluster difference, but I believe I have the high cluster from your comments. I used to be able to scroll thru the Check Control systems info (time/stop watch/etc) when pushing the signal light OBC button but now there is no display at all. I dont recall seeing either priority 1 or 2 warnings but must have given your response that nothing appears.
So to clarify, I should press and hold the signal light OBC button til Prog 1 appears then press the Set key in order to get all data back. Where is the Set key? If not correct please reconfirm.

As for the 20 codes I referred to, I was pressing and holding the right button and then toggled thru various NR codes using the right/left button combinations. Yes, I know you're right in terms of messing with stuff I shouldnt be.

I hope this helps in determining my setup and curious if to know if there is any other specific codes that are good to know or do you suggest that I should leave all those other codes alone and stick to just resetting the oil service indicator.

QSilver7 02-23-2013 08:51 PM

The OBC is controlled by the MID. To start/stop/set/reset any MID have to use the buttons on the MID. To program all or just the OBC features you want to appear in the instrument cluster (I only program TIME/DATE/CONS1/RANGE/STOPWATCH)...follow the instructions in my previous reply. The SET button will be on the MID...again, because it is the control module for the OBC. :)

(SET button should appear on the far right of your MID when you go to program the OBC features to appear in your instrument cluster)

The 21 TESTS that you mention holding the right what is referred to as UNLOCKING the OBC. See the instructions below and if you click the link, you will see a description of what the 21 TESTs are...don't let the "e38" throw you off...the e38/e39/e53 high clusters are all the same as far as UNLOCKING:

Click this link for description of the 21 on the thumbnails and they'll explode into a larger view:

dsduncans 02-25-2013 07:36 PM

Thanks again for all the info...where do you find all this stuff! I think I'll leave the 21 codes alone as out of my league. I also tried restoring the OBC info in the instrument cluster by pushing in the BC button on the turn signal as suggested, but no "prog 1" appears. I tried various key setting combinations while holding in the BC button and never got the prog 1 indication to show up so dont know what I am doing wrong.
You had mentioned earlier that a priority 1 warning would wipe out all info so obviously that was what happened. Is there something I am missing to restore this info?

QSilver7 02-25-2013 08:01 PM

Is anything appearing in the display at all? Like if you leave your keys in the ignition and open the you get the KEY IN IGNITION warning? If not, perhaps the right button on the cluster is still slightly pushed in from the other day. Press the right button again and see if CHECK CONTROL OK appears in the display.

If you have any Priority 2 warnings...the little "status" triangle symbols will be illuminated on each side of the display and you can keep pressing the right button to clear the display...if you have a PRIORITY 1 will remain in the display and cant' be cleared by pressing the right button.

Once that you've determined that the display is working and alpha/numeric info can still be displayed (and there's no PRIORITY 1 warnings)...then try the programming instructions again.

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