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Lowiq 03-06-2013 09:17 AM

Factory Repair manuals 1-2
Hi all,
Long time reader, first time posting. I have been working on these fine cars for many years professionally but now just as a hobby but moreso I wouldn't trust anyone else working on my current ride.
The reasoon for the post is when I bought my first BMW (1976 3.0si) in 1979 I had also purchasee the Factory Manuals from the dealer way back then. I have long since hed that car stolen in NJ but still have the Manuals and they're in great shape. I figure they are still worth several hundred bucks and would like to check here first, knowing all the enthusiast that are online at Bimmerfest. I copied this from a post several years back and I have both binders 1 & 2. You can email me if interested before I post to ebay next week at; , best offer above $300 U.S. takes em!

1968-1977 (E3,E9) (1968-1977) The line of six cylinder luxury cars produced at the time to compete against Mercedes Benz. The sedan (E3) and coupe (E9) provied to earn quite a reputable name in auto racing. Models were given names denoting their engine sizes, and suffixes to indicate the long-wheelbase (L) and fuel injection (i) available on later cars. The coupés were all named CS, followed by i (for fuel injection models) or L (for light-weight models, which also had fuel injection and higher power).
Wasn't sure on posting a photo but email for one if needed!

Fast Bob 03-06-2013 03:06 PM

Hate to burst your bubble, but there`s just about nobody left doing any work on the old Bimmers....those manuals would only have any value to someone who does restoration work, so you`re playing to a really small audience. I would put them on fleabay if I were you, you`ll have the most potential there.

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