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toddster911 03-23-2013 10:02 AM

ccv changed....still issues, please HELP
Hello all, new to this forum...great venue, need deperate goes. 2001 x5 3.0 6 cyl.

I live in Montreal, cold climate (o to -5 degree F winters), the truck is overnight garage kept, outside all day. Drove one day and smelled oil burning, realised the valve cover gasket was leaking on back rear pass side. said would fix that weekend, drove 3 miles further and engine siezed (hydrolock) after barelling smoke all of a sudden. Realised the valve cover was because of the CCV pressure. Had it towed, removed plugs..followed proceedures vacuumed all oil out, installed complete CCV kit, new hoses, changed oil, new plugs, replace valve cover gasket and drove for 2 weeks no problems. Even did the ballon test at the time on dipstick..seemed ok little vacuum=ok.

After the 2 weeks, did a maintenance check and noticed yellow mayo in oil cap area again, pulled hose from valve cover near rad and found blocked with ice and yellow mayo:mad: so cleaned line again, and did more research, realised I never updated the dipstick tube... so changed that. Drove 2 days no issues then today (33 degree F) driving uphill (forcing engine a bit) it chugged 3 times and barreled smoke again breifly. stopped engine on side of road, waited a few minutes and started up again, it seemed to barely smoke, let it burn off at idle, drove 3 miles and hit a hill again, chugged again and barelled smoke out, this time I continued to drive and it cleared home and checked hose and cap (a little yellow mustard)
I am at a loss....changed all parts that were said to, changed the dipstick tube (upgraded) and I still have issues...what did I do wrong????
HELP please...I need this truck yet it is not trustworthy anymore....

thanks to all that chime in.

upallnight 03-25-2013 09:06 PM

Do you get the engine hot enough to burn off any condensation in the engine? Do you take a lot of short trip, 15 minutes or less, 5 miles or less? How often do you perform an oil service? 3000 mi, 5000 mi, 7500 mi, 15000 mi per BMW?

toddster911 03-26-2013 05:53 AM

I drive 20 minutes each way every day, at highway speeds- approx 15-20 miles, the truck is brought up to temperature since repair was done before leaving. I have not done 1500 miles since the complete job was done and when done the oil was changed with synthetic as usual. Up until this issue happened, I never warmed to temperature, drove like any othe north american vehicle for 75000 miles..never a problem, I change the unit which makes it somewhat new like original....and now we have to warm up drive excessively...I dont understand...what was good before that worked for so all is needed to change, even though all parts are new.

All said, I have followed every recommendation (all new parts- warm up before drive-long drives-higher revs, etc) yet the problem is always there...

daof4 04-02-2013 06:59 PM

not loosing coolant ?????

toddster911 04-03-2013 08:50 AM

no not at all. No coolant problems, we even did a leakd own and have good compression...excessive blow by??? the oil cap never whistled...just mayo.
We just set up a catch can to see what is going on. After 200kms of highway driving I had about 3 ounces of water in the catch can. Nobody can say if that is normal or not, but with the catch can I have no mayo from the valve cover tube anymore. The ccv system is still there , I just tagged a catch can at the calve cover in and back to the original return that goes into the ccv.

The question is can a 3.0 produce excessive gases that convert to water droplets? and why is it doing this now...not for last 125000kms??

When these gases turn to droplets, they are supposed to be re-burned off in the valve cover, but it seems to create mayo instead, which blocks the ccv and then regurgitates oil into the intake.

I dunno....what a bad system tho:dunno:

upallnight 04-03-2013 09:07 AM

Like anything mechanical, your engine wears as you put on the mileages. When the car was brand new all the tolerances were tight, but as the engine wear the tolerances become more loose. Rings in the engine starts to wear due to the constant up and down movement of the pistons so as the rings and cylinder walls wear, more combustion gas is able to make it way into the crankcase. The combustion gas mixes with the oil in the crank case creating a mist that is drawn up by the CCV system back into the intake to be burned.

Also short drives on a car is a lot harder on the engine since the engine doesn't have time to get hot enough to burn off any water vapor that may have been created. The yellow mayo is when you mix oil and water, but to get rid of the water in the oil, the oil has to reach a temperature close to 212 for the water to turn to a vapor. If you are following the BMW recommendation for oil change every 15,000 miles perhaps you should perform the oil change more often say 7500 miles or 5000 miles.

daof4 04-03-2013 10:47 AM

I had the same problem with ours two years ago Changed all tubes & ccv but didnt change the dip stick tube (to cheap) just blew out all the crap
Changed the oil at the same time and the car has been no more problems But our travel is about a 100km trip to work one way So it hase chance to burn out all the condensation in the engine
We bought this car S/H and it was the first winter that we had problems We have approx 200,000Km on it now and hope many more to come
Not sure its a bad system our audi's have same system I dont think we get to run them hard enough for long enough in the winter in Canada

toddster911 04-03-2013 12:05 PM

Thank you all for the input.
I agree age may have its toll on cylinders etc but Wouldn`t that show bad on a leak down or compression test? Our commute one way is 45kms and only in traffic sometimes, but never less that 45kms ...20-30 minutes...I am curious to know if the temps get to 212 in winter as it is cold here..not in germany
Only find it funny to be a one day to the next was never drawn out, no whistle in oil cap, no signs, no heavy oil consumption...engine just smoked, 2 seconds later hyrolocked, I shut all down and I changed all parts and full oil change at same..havent done 1500 kms yet since it was all done and I have already had 2 cloggs with smoke hydrolock though...I cant even wait till 2500 kms to change my oil again..lets forget about manufacturers recommendation or quicker oil changes...does not make sense.

Let`s say whatever at this point....To resolve my issues do you think our catch can setup will do the trick permenantly, just emptying the water droplets out everyso often? (once a week or less-more as needed) I really like the truck but hate that every time my wife call`s me it could be to say that she is on the side of the road with my 2 young kid`s broke down again:thumbdwn:

daof4 04-03-2013 12:49 PM

Just a thought Just because its new dosent say thats its right

to the best of my understanding the ccv works by vaccum from the intake manifold, sucking in from the valve cover, seperating oil by centifrugal force alowing it to drain into the dipstick tube
I am guessing that the suction works because it hydrolocked Try pulling the return tube off the dipstick to see if it drains oil correctly

toddster911 04-03-2013 02:15 PM

Agreed that even tho its new it may not be good..but...
in my first post I forgot to mention The first time it happened we realised that the system was not the cold climate swapped all out for foam insulated crap thinking that it was the miracle solution that we missed..and the same the mecanical-maybe it was defective does not fly this time.

As for the drain too was working, but to make sure I paid more bucks and got the ``upgraded dipstick`` wich made no difference other than a thinner pocketbook.

if there is alot of water droplets in the ccv, it does not have time to centifugally seperate oil and sucks water to into the crank..probably via the dipstick or valve intake...needless to say it makes mayo ...probably too much to burn off...kinda like a damn vicious circle turning, the more I run it the more it creates steam-water in bigger seems no matter how much its never seems to all burn off.

start with 5 first as a number / run make 5 more /burn 5 while running still leaves 5 in ccv....sorta speak

now with catch can..drain 5 so start with 0/run make 5 into catch can-none in ccv...drain=0

sorry for the math...just dunno how else to explain.

daof4 04-03-2013 02:55 PM

OK Just another thought
I think when i did ours i took off the top valve cover and cleaned out all the crap mayo stuff
It has a "O" ring gasket and rubber seals around the bolts so you should be able to reuse them (I did)
yours just may be that full of this stuff As you say It is just going round and round

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