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MGuns 06-10-2013 04:22 PM

7 series to x3?
Currently I drive a 2008 750Li sedan. However, it is just awful when it snows outside and is very difficult to control. Also, I do not need such a large vehicle anymore. When the weather conditions are snowy and nasty I take my son's '07 x3 and love driving it. It feels roomy and I have full traction of the road when all that white stuff is there. In the next few months I need to get rid of my 7series and am wondering if I should purchase a '14 x3. I know this may sound snobby but it does feel like a bit of a downgrade on the interior. Has anybody gone from a 7 or even a 5 series to an x3? If you have are you able to have the same luxurious feel like that of a 7 series? THANKS!

Liverman 06-10-2013 11:03 PM

Well, the F25 X3 is worlds different from the older E83 X3 your son has.

However, eine Seibener she ain't unless you had a really plain 750 (hah!).

This is an individual decision - go try one out. See what you think about the F25 interior.

lbjgh 06-11-2013 04:57 AM

This is my first BMW and I wouldn't consider the brand to be a luxury brand. Performance brand sure. The local Chevy dealership provides the same level of service to its customers. Non-BMW Owners might be fooled though. ;)

WHITEX 06-11-2013 06:08 AM


Originally Posted by lbjgh (Post 7644129)
The local Chevy dealership provides the same level of service to its customers.

I owned 1 GM. The service was so bad that my SSR is the first and last GM I'll ever have. BMW service has been very good so far....and I'm a picky customer.

The 750 and X3 are different animals. The same way the A6/A8 and Q5/Q7 differ.
I think the X3 is a pretty classy ride. Take a long test drive.

UncleJ 06-11-2013 08:03 AM

I went from a 7 series to a big Acura, loved that car but didn't feel "connected" to it, so got an Alfa GTV6. Felt REALLY connected to that one!:D Ultimately got my X3, and found it useful, a great driver (not as good as the Alfa of course, but the X3 is a different breed of cat) and most importantly (to me) a useful mid range hauler of "stuff". The interior of all the X3's I have driven, as loaners and test drives, just does not measure up to the luxury of the 7 series IMHO. I did like my 7, but it became an electronic nightmare so it went. The Acura was a bulletproof appliance with no "soul", and the Alfa was a maintenance problem -- but a beautiful car to drive hard. You might want to try the X5 it was closer in luxo appointments to the 7 series in my view and while not really an off road hauler it is larger than the X3 and carries a bit more cachet if anyone cares about that sort of thing.:angel:

The X Men 06-11-2013 08:25 AM

The X3 basically have the same interior as the 3 series. Going from a 7 series down to a 3 series might be too big of a step. Maybe you should look at the X5 or the 5 series.

mpabner 06-11-2013 08:31 AM

7 series to x3?
Keep in mind, they are retooling the X5 soon, within the next few months.

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Hardrada 06-11-2013 10:26 AM

I've had a 540i and an X5, but now a '13 X3.

There is substantial difference in quality between a 5/X5, and having been in many 7's too, versus the x3. It is not just the interior details; it's the insulation, the fit and finish, and the overall solidity. Suffice to say that a 5 series or X5 is way WAY more solid than an X3.

Things that are better built cost more to make, and are then sold at a higher price; it's pretty much that simple.

To ME, the X3 feels like a cross between a traditional solid-as-a-rock BMW and a cheaper but competent brand like VW. I guess you could say it has a 3-series level of fit and finish and solidity, although, to be honest, the 3 series's I've been getting as rentals all these years seem more solid than the X3, too. I kinda get the impression they cut some corners and used "value" components to keep the costs down and get it slotted in under the X5 for marketing purposes. Buttons have some wiggle; doors are too light and don't go "thunk".

That said, I really enjoy the X3. It's a blast to drive. I like going places in it better than I ever did in the X5, and definitely better than the 540i, which I wasn't that crazy about, even though it was a tank. If I had to start over and pick just one BMW to drive for the next 5 years, it'd probably be an X3. I just really like this SUV a lot, even if it doesn't scream "Premium!!!!" like some other BMW models. It is lighter, and more nimble, and more casual in feel than the cut-out-of-a-single-piece-of-granite alternatives on the BMW lot.

Teemo Panda 06-11-2013 10:41 AM

7 series to x3?
I would recommend test driving the X3 and X5 side by side,
If you like the X3, get the 14 MY
If you like the X5, I would strongly recommend waiting for the Next Gen X5

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MGuns 06-11-2013 05:37 PM

Thanks for all the responses! I think I'm definitely going to wait until the 2014 x5's hit the dealerships then compare the x3 to it

pharding 06-11-2013 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by The X Men (Post 7644452)
The X3 basically have the same interior as the 3 series. Going from a 7 series down to a 3 series might be too big of a step. Maybe you should look at the X5 or the 5 series.

The X3 interior is more spacious than the 3er sedan. The X3 is a great all around vehicle that does just about everything quite well.

bsxdrive35i 06-13-2013 10:48 PM

I've got both the E66 760li and F25 X3 xDrive35i. Here's what I think about the two vehicles (obviously, there will be some differences, as the 760 and 750 have different engines, but dynamics/aesthetics should be the similar):

Driving: The X3 is more fun to drive through twisty roads (in Sport+ mode), while the 760 is more fun in a straight line
  • the X3 feels much more nimble/agile than the 760, even with its electric power steering (Sport+ mode only)
  • the transmission is much quicker shifting in "manual" mode in the X3, and overall a better feeling than the 760
  • the 760 feels more planted through the turns than the X3 does (due to the larger size, heavier weight, and wider tires), but you can feel how hefty the car really is as you push it
  • the 0-60 time of both are pretty similar, but the 760 is a complete horsepower/torque monster. The X3 will give out at its top end, but the 7 just keeps going
  • the X3's braking is really horrible compared to the other BMW's I've owned, and doesn't feel as precise as the 760's

Interior: 7 is much more comfortable/luxurious than the X3, but X3 has more to offer in terms of infotainment.
  • the 7 is much better than the X3 in terms of quality of materials
  • the 7's interior looks better in my opinion, but this is subjective
  • the X3's seats aren't nearly as comfortable/configurable as the 7's seats
  • the X3's iDrive system is MUCH better than the 7's iDrive (one of the worst infotainment systems I have EVER used, aside from the 1st gen iDrive), and the X3 offers more functionality than the 7
  • the 7's sound system is much better than the X3's, but again, this is subjective

A lot of what I mentioned is common knowledge, but I thought I'd share anyways. Overall, I prefer the X3 as a daily driver. It's got more use able features in terms of infotainment, its cheaper on fuel, and easier to manage (i.e., smaller). This is due mainly to the age of the E66 platform (11 years old now?). If I were to compare a new 7 to the X3, however, my opinion would be much different. Good luck with your decision :thumbup:

UncleJ 06-14-2013 07:30 AM

phar, I read X's comment about the three series interior as being the same quality as the X3 not the size. And to that I agree, the X3 interior appears to be the same general quality as the 3 series, which is IMHO much lower quality than the 7 series. The seats, for example, in my 7 were wonderful and as good or better than found in any Volvo or Audi. Not so much the seats in my X3!:angel:

poker838 06-16-2013 06:25 AM

How about a 5GT? Slightly smaller than a 7 but considered on par for interior

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