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Originally Posted by Pinecone
Also, at 65K miles the E36 is looking at a bunch of cooling system preventative maintenance. Water pump, thrmostat housing, and time to start thinking about the radiator.

OTOH the M3 is a much more fun car to drive than a standard 3 series non-M.
Personally I am biased, but I only own M cars.
And E46s have almost all of the same problems that plagued E36s. Maintenance issues are not a factor between these two, IMO.

Does anyone notice that no one ever asks-

'91 E30 M3 vs 1996 328is? They're both $14K. Pros/cons?

It's because we all know that the two cars are nothing alike, even though they are both 3-series that cost roughly the same amount of money.

The same thing applies here.

There is A LOT of difference between an E36 M3 and an E46 330. Maybe not as much as between an E30 M3 and an E36 328. But almost darn close.

They are two totally different cars. If you drive both, your question pretty much answers itself. Either you want the M3 (and are willing to tolerate any cons that come along with it) or you don't. It's really more about the M3 than anything else. How bad do you want it?
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