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Originally Posted by Burakfb
Hi guys
Before everyone gets mad, yes i did do my homework and searched the forum, but now, i'm even more confused that ever before.
So here is deal, i have a 325i, bought a couple of months ago, and i have around 6500 miles on it. I got kinda worried today realizing thats twice the 3000 mile interval so i decided to ask for your oppinion on what i should do.
I'm no mechanic, and do not have the tools to do my own oil change.
So here is deal.
Some guys say that after after 7000 miles you should change your oil, some say 3000 miles, and other say that its fine with sythetic oil and you can wait till the 14000 mile limit(i think its 14000)
Most people do it for the peace of mind, which i think that is the sole reason that i'm doing it for.
For the gist of it, i want to change my oil! Should I? Would be the first question!
And where do i change it? I'm sure jiffy lube or midas is not the answer! should i take it to the dealer? i'm preety sure they wont do it for free, the free maintance plan is a marketing thing!
So i'm a little lost on what to do and how to do it!
I would apriciate any help!
Ooo and one last thing, that break in period that you guys talk about on new cars! I never did that, went over 3000 rpms even touched 6000 at maybe 50 miles on the car!
am i screwed?
and welcome to the fest.

Well, this is an internet forum so am not sure whether the opinions you will find are any better than "the guys", unless maybe if the "the guys" are the Williams F1 pit crew.

Best place to look for reliable guidance is in the owner's manual. If you do not have an owners manual you can get one through by registering your car; they have downloadable pdf files.

I assume you bought your 325i new i.e. an 04 or 05 model? If so, the car will compute the service interval. Routine 3000 miles changes are a thing of the past as far as OEMs are concerned. On my car ('03 330i) the initial service interval is going to take place at 14,000 miles or so. Being anal I decided to 1/2 this interval and changed the oil at about 7,500 miles. I use a Mity-vac oil sucker and bought the BMW OEM oil and filter at the dealership with the BMW CCA discount. Do a search on Mity-vac or Mityvac and you will see threads on the procedure, its very easy and you can do it in your tuxedo (just kidding, but its very easy.)

I would not use Jiffy or Midas but thats just me. The dealer will b e happy to change the oil for you, for a fee of course.

Re: the break-in, I suspect you are probably ok. Unless you see blue smoke from the exhaust that is
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