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Originally Posted by Burakfb
Hi guys
Before everyone gets mad, yes i did do my homework and searched the forum, but now, i'm even more confused that ever before.
So here is deal, i have a 325i, bought a couple of months ago, and i have around 6500 miles on it. I got kinda worried today realizing thats twice the 3000 mile interval so i decided to ask for your oppinion on what i should do.
I'm no mechanic, and do not have the tools to do my own oil change.
So here is deal.
Some guys say that after after 7000 miles you should change your oil, some say 3000 miles, and other say that its fine with sythetic oil and you can wait till the 14000 mile limit(i think its 14000)
Most people do it for the peace of mind, which i think that is the sole reason that i'm doing it for.
For the gist of it, i want to change my oil! Should I? Would be the first question!
And where do i change it? I'm sure jiffy lube or midas is not the answer! should i take it to the dealer? i'm preety sure they wont do it for free, the free maintance plan is a marketing thing!
So i'm a little lost on what to do and how to do it!
I would apriciate any help!
Ooo and one last thing, that break in period that you guys talk about on new cars! I never did that, went over 3000 rpms even touched 6000 at maybe 50 miles on the car!
am i screwed?
most people i know change their oil at around 7500mile intervals...i do it just because i do not believe the 15000mi. claimed by bmw. as far as the 3000mi changes, from what i know 3000mi. intervals were for regular oil and some people do a 3000mi. change when they first get the car, but then swtich to 7500mi. after that. i think that changing the oil at 7500mi intervals will be fine, unless you autocross and then you may need to do it more often.

as far as doing it's very easy so don't be nervous about it. just need to buy some of the tools first which shouldn't be that expensive (will be cheaper than paying the dealer to do it). as many other people have stated the mityvac is a great tool, but research it somemore as there is some debate as to how it deals with the sediment...i'm sure that most people feel it's fine, but i prefer to change the oil the conventional gravity drain method...but you might need some ramps or jack stands for this. good luck!!! and welcome!
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